Stardew Valley: Summer Romance

There will be spoilers in this play through!

Growing Closer

Finally, after a few weeks of gifting Harvey jars of mayo, I earned enough hearts to get my first cutscene with him. Walking into his office, this is what I got.

Oh, this is not awkward at all.

Of course, Harvey was being a total professional about it. It was really me who was being the weird one.

He noted that my character’s pulse rate was up, and I told him I was just nervous. That actually happens to me IRL, too. It always throws off my blood pressure readings cuz I get a case of the nerves when I’m in a doctor’s office. XD

But anyhow, he reassures me that he’s only there to help in a very professional sense, and it’s quite cute.

Doing Some Creeping

Well, I’m not there to be professional. I discover that my friendship is finally high enough that I have access to Harvey’s personal quarters. So what do I do then? I do some creeping!

I’m actually pretty pleased by what I find in his room.

Lots of model planes, a CB Radio, books and other nerdy things. I’m so glad to see there’s more to him than just being a doctor! He may have some potential after all. ūüôā

Back to Farming

Uh… right. Farming. That’s what this game is about….

So, Demetrius stops by and asks me to assist him in gathering info for his research. He offers to take this abandoned cave that I noticed back during the Spring and either make it a cave of bats or a cave of mushrooms. As neat as it would be to have a Bat Cave, I went with the mushrooms. I figured I could always grow the fruits that the bats would leave.

So he set up mushroom plots for me.

I’m actually pretty pleased about this because every few days, I check back and find a harvest. Some of these are needed for my bundles and turn-ins, and some of them are just worth pretty good extra cash¬†to sell.

It seems other people are starting to take notice of my little farm, which I’m slowly clearing out bit by bit.

House Expansion

I saved up as much money as I could because one of the house upgrades I could get said it would add a kitchen. Since I was starting to raise livestock (I expanded to 4 chickens over the summer), and I was getting more cooking recipes from the local cooking channel, I thought a kitchen would be a nice idea at this point.

So I saved up and started the expansion, which took a few days to complete. Only, I had no idea what all would come with it.

I woke up one morning and suddenly, I had a whole separate bedroom with a king sized bed! Wow!

And there’s the kitchen as advertised. It took me a little while to realize that the fridge actually serves as storage. Not only that, but when you cook, the game automatically pulls from the food you placed in the fridge as well as your own inventory. So very, very handy!

In the meantime, as I was clearing out more of my farm, I found this shrine to my grandfather. Looking closer, I saw a message attached to it… Not creepy at all. Nope.