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Stardew Valley: First Summer’s End


There will be spoilers in this play through!

One of the things I do most during Summer is fish. I think that starts to show in my skill sets.


I like how at level 5 of each skill, you get to to choose a profession to specialize in. For example, at level 5 fishing, you can chose between:

  • Fisher: Fish are worth 25% more.
  • Trapper: Resources required to craft crab pots reduced.

For me, this was a no-brainer. I didn’t even have crab pots and I sell my fish all the time, so I went with Fisher. But it’s cool that at level 5 and 10, all skills let you choose a boost like that.

In fact, I caught my first legendary fish. Funny thing was that I wasn’t using any special kind of bait or hook – I only had the fiberglass rod, and wasn’t trying for it at all. Though I don’t think there’s anything you can do with it except sell it, I kept it. Who knows.


I also spent enough time in the mine to dig up enough iron to upgrade my pickaxe!


Other tools are on the list, but pickaxe is always first to upgrade as it lets me mine better ore, I’m guessing.

Speaking of making progress in the mines, I managed to delve down to floor 50 and snag myself some nice new boots. I hadn’t done much to upgrade my gear though, so that’s next on the list sometime.


I spent the final days of summer finishing up as many bundles as I could and continuing to strengthen my friendships with folks in the town. Harvey surprised me one afternoon with this…



Suddenly it sorta made sense. So all those times I talked to Harvey and he had nothing but health-related things to say wasn’t just a case of a somewhat shallow character… but rather, a character who felt he had to distance himself due to a doctor-patient relationship?

Hopeful wishing, I suppose. Harvey still chides me to not work so hard and to come in for checkups even after I established a much stronger relationship later. I guess it is a case of somewhat limited game conversation.

Anyhow. The summer is carried out on the back of dancing jellies. Jelly fish that is. The town comes to gather and watch the migration of jellies every year in a nighttime festival.


For some odd reason, a strange flower-shaped jelly decided to be especially curious about me.

Such events are nice and atmospheric. It really does work to show that the community is still a small town with roots connected to nature. I’m curious how things will change come Fall and Winter.



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