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FFXIV: Crafting Syrcus Tower & Lvl 60 Dragoon (Again)


It was a good long, three day weekend for me, and I put in plenty of gaming time. I made a lot of progress in Stardew Valley (halfway through Summer Year 2!), and put some time into FFXIV as well this weekend.

Gold Saucer & Hildibrand Fun

Before the next patch rolled in, we finally did the latest Hildibrand quest. Always so worth it! 😀


Meanwhile, the Gold Saucer event has our whole FC investigating murder mysteries (cute and well-designed quest) and racing chocobos. I had stalled out on my chocobo progression a few months back when I got a sub-par chocobo from breeding and knew he was going to be a throw-away generation. Since I’d still registered him to race, I was committed to raising him to rank 40 before I could kick him out of the stables, and I finally, finally got that done this weekend while the payout was high.

I’m much happier with my new chocobo’s stats, so everything turned out fine in the end. It’s kinda a bummer to have to re-run a whole generation, but my breeding line will be much better for it. I also learned my lesson and know what to look for when pulling a covering from the Saucer next time.

Synthesizing Syrcus Tower

I blame my retainer for making me spending over 1 million gil yesterday. You see, he brought back a Syrcus Shard, which for all my time running World of Darkness, I think I’ve seen only drop once or twice. I didn’t even think to sell it, which I probably should have done, but I decided to craft the Syrcus Tower furniture with it instead.

The idea of synthesizing a Syrcus Tower cracks me up.
The idea of synthesizing a Syrcus Tower cracks me up.

This wasn’t too hard as I have a level 60 goldsmith and the mats didn’t cost all that much. I was so impressed by it that it inspired me to go on a shopping spree to start decorating my house using it as a centerpiece… which is something I should have done a long time ago. Being impatient, of course, led me to spending a lot of money on furnishings I probably could have crafted.


Oh well.

In the end, I’ve only got the top floor halfway decorated. I installed some walls downstairs to partition off a bedroom area as well. Most of the stuff downstairs is just a conglomeration of stuff my retainers have brought me back in ventures over the past two years.

So now, I’m pretty broke again on Zuri. Worth it, though. XD

Level 60 Dragoon (Again)

I’ve been slowly leveling Zuri’s Dragoon through leveling roulettes run with Vix, Xaa and Zeb. Even though I already have a level 60 Dragoon… I know. But I really enjoy the class!

So, last night, between Crystal Tower and roulettes, I finally hit level 60. I had half a set of Void Ark gear waiting, but for the most part, her gear is trash. I haven’t run much to earn Esos for her, and I’m looking towards leveling a different job with my roulettes (maybe Ninja), so I’m probably going to have to resort to doing some hunts to earn the old Law gear for the time being.


I also pushed my Maruader to 28 on Zuri this weekend, so inching closer to unlocking Warrior! I’m actually having a lot of fun leveling these classes, even if it’s taking time to do. I just have no idea what I’m going to do for my tanks, since I rarely tank dungeons, and Syn is working on leveling Zeb’s tanks at the moment, so needs the roulettes instead.

I suppose there’s plenty of time to do it all in the long run.


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5 thoughts on “FFXIV: Crafting Syrcus Tower & Lvl 60 Dragoon (Again)

  1. Gratz on 60 again, and the deco looks nice! I recently spent a lot on barding myself. Little of which I’ll use, and I rarely ride the chocobo anyway since getting the BOMB CHAIR! But hey… it’s not like I was using the gil for anything else either.


    1. Bomb chair is awesome – I really need to pick that mount up on Zuri one day since I’ve got the rep to do it. I tend to default to my chocobo though, and I use him all the time for open world battles. So barding never goes to waste. 🙂


  2. Woo, Carbuncle furniture! The bouncy summon makes everything better, be it clocks, chairs, or a summoner-in-training, XD

    Makes me hope that, with that Ruby carbuncle from the ‘getting to 60’ story in Heavensward will eventually be a reskin alongside good old Emerald and Topaz for summoner proper, for the ever hoped for summon reskins.


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