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June Gaming Goals


Welcome to June! Here’s what I have on my plate for this month. Looking forward to the FFXIV patch 3.3 for one. So, some of these goals are going to be structured loosely until I know more about how the patch is going to shape the content.

I’m also playing quite a bit of Stardew Valley, but I don’t think I’m going to set any goals on that game, because it makes its own. 🙂

Earthbound Wii U

  • Play some! ✓

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next Gym badge ✓

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Complete the second-stage relic for Zuri’s Bard ✓
  • Get Weeping City gear for Zuri✓
  • Get Weeping City gear for Tai ✓

FFXIV Crafting/Gathering

  • Level Alchemist to 60 ✓
  • Gear up Crafters
  • Gear up Gatherers ✓

FFXIV Leveling

  • Unlock Warrior ✓
  • Level Rogue to 25 ✓
  • Level Gladiator to 25
  • Clean up old quests✓


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