FFXIV: Final Steps of Faith Down!

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Last night, a group from my Free Company, KoM, downed the final boss of the Dragonsong War in the Final Steps of Faith. This was not an easy fight to do in Duty Finder, and one of the guys in our FC was on his 9th try. But seeing we made up most of the party and we were on voice chat, I think we had the edge over a normal PUG.

Another victory pose, where you can see everyone's face.
Another victory pose, where you can see everyone’s face.

The battle was quite mechanically intensive and really required a lot of coordination from all people in the party. The times we wiped, it was often because it wasn’t understood that “STACK NOW” meant “EVERYONE MUST STACK OR DIE!” Yes, that means you, too, random PUG member.

Mechanics aren’t optional if you want to clear, folks. That is the message that S/E is speaking loud and clear with this fight and what I’ve seen in the Wiping City raid.

The final round, we got him down under 10% and I had to do my duty as the party’s dragoon: ie. sacrifice myself for the LB3. There just wasn’t a good time to be locked in long animation in this fight, and not but 2 seconds after I popped the LB, the circles rose up under me and claimed my life. Sad that I had to watch the win from the floor, but them are the breaks.

Doing my Dragoonly duty.

I won’t go into to anything of the story at this moment, mostly because I haven’t finished watching all of it. It was so late at night by the time we did beat the fight that I only completed some of the following quests. The moment the game warned me an extended cutscene was coming, I looked at the clock and had to call it a night.

So, today when I get home from work, I’ll get my reward and finally find out what happens with Estinien! It’s going to be a long wait. 😦

2 responses to “FFXIV: Final Steps of Faith Down!”

  1. I didn’t get to queue for this last night due to IRL stuff, and this morning I wanted to do my daily expert instead, so perhaps tonight I’ll get to it. Time will tell…..


    • Good luck! It’s tricky to do in a PUG group, so if you can snag folks to go with you, that helps. The folks in our FC are pretty good at this sort of thing, and we still had issues with PUG members who didn’t quite understand that “stack” means really “stack.” Que wipe. : /


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