FFXIV: Screenshot Sunday


Above: Zuri, Xaa and Vix on our new FC Moogle couch!

I took a bunch of screens this weekend that don’t really fit into a serious post. But I still wanted to share them, so here they are!

I’ve been working on Moogle Beast Tribe Quests every day, and finally ranked up to get the Moogle Couch. I bought one for my own house and one for the FC house.

In the meantime, Vix has been busy earning MGP with the past Make it Rain event. She went from having nothing to earning Fenrir in such a short time! And I don’t even have one of those!


We’re also helping Xaa and Vix through the 2.0 end game. The FC got a unsynced party together to run Castrum last night so that they could view all the cutscenes the way they were meant to be.



  1. Sounds like fun!

    I’ve just been working on my ilvl, in spite of how cool I think the Fenrir mount looks. I just don’t have the time. Or rather, I’d rather spend the time on other games. XD

      1. I’ve been finding that playing at Chocobo Racing gives surprising amounts of MGP so long as you buy Rank 1 feed with gil instead of Rank 3 feed with MGP. I wouldn’t want to grind for a million all in one go, but I think in the course of getting up to a rank 5 Chocobo I’ve made about 400K now.

        1. Vix is just a dedicated person when there’s something she wants (she’s my IRL sister, so I know this). She’s only been playing for a few months, but she had her eye on the Fenrir for a while.

          She did the math, figured out how much MGP she needed to make between racing and the Cactpot, and made it happen.

          On the other hand, I just got the achievement for earning 1 mil MGP from attractions the other night. But I’ve spent most of it as I earn it. I really wanted the Gambler outfit and barding in the early days, and I can’t help but pick up the hair and the music now. 🙂

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