FFXIV: Alexander Gordias & The Aquapolis

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It’s been a pretty eventful weekend for our FC, KoM, as we decided to work some of our members through all of Alex Gordias (Normal) for the first time this weekend. This included me, as I have never passed anything beyond A2. I still claim I’m not really a raider, but having a full FC group for this made it significantly better.


We went in with more than half the team having never played Alex through before, and a few experienced folks who taught us on the fly. Everything went just fine, and to be honest, Alex 3 & 4 were much easier than I expected them to be. I suppose a lot of things seem easy after the Final Steps. XD


Folks in our FC have also been having fun doing treasure maps in hopes of spawning the new Aquapolis mini-dungeon. Having a level 60 gatherer, I’m able to contribute to this, and went with them for the first time last night.

I have to say that for something so quick and simple, it’s really great fun. I’m happy that S/E spends time adding neat little challenges that folks can¬†do casually like this. I know my FC enjoys it, and it gives them a reason to group together to complete things.



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