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FFXIV: Moogle Beast Tribe Quests & Crafting Progress


Thank goodness for Moogle Beast Tribe quests. No, really. This was something I didn’t even know that I needed until it was here. For leveling my crafting classes, it’s been a heaven-sent. Not to mention the cute rewards, like that lamp and couch above.

For a while, I was diligently working on leveling all my crafting classes from 50 to 60. While none of it was particularly hard to do, it was quite tedious. I’m not a rich crafter, so I had to spend the time gathering all the materials for the many, many, many leves I needed to do. Some materials came from retainers. Some I begged off of Syn’s retainers even.

By the time I only had three crafters left to level, I was pretty burned out. The leves for the metalworker and armorer were not at all appealing as they either required a boatload of materials or materials that you had to gather from an unspoiled node. I have a beef with the idea that leveling leves are locked behind timers like that, and avoided it as much as I could on my previous crafters. It didn’t look like I’d be able to avoid it here, so I kinda put leveling on the backburner.

Then along came Moogle Beast Tribe quests. To give you an idea of things, I started doing my first beast tribe quests a week ago on my barely level 56 alchemist. I’ve been stalled at level 56 for months. Today, Zuri should easily hit level 59, and move right along towards level 60.

Floating into the stormy blue on the dandelion puff mount… thing….

Now, you might say that leveling with leves would have been faster than daily quests. Yes, I probably could have already been level 60 days ago if I worked at it. However, that would have taken hours of gathering and then more time griding leves. Instead, I can knock out a few really easy quests in less than 10 minutes, get a good chunk of crafting experience, and be off to do something better with the rest of my time.

Plus, I’m gaining reputation, enjoying actual quests with a storyline, and just generally having a whole lot more fun. This has all been a win-win.

Though I haven’t been working that hard on scrips, I’ve also taken advantage of the gear changes, specifically for gathering. I already had the Type 1 Fishing Counterfoil, so I traded in all those blue scrips that were previously not that useful for me and got my Tacklekeep’s Rod.

Building up the lovely mosaic walls.
Building up the lovely mosaic walls.

I gathered a bit more scrips for all the tokens I’d need to upgrade to the Minekeep’s Pickaxe. Getting the proper quality Adamantite Ore collectable was a bit of a challenge for me since I’m still in level 58 gear, but after a few tries, I figured out what to do to get it. Now I just need the Fieldkeep’s Hatchet to get all my mainhand gathering tools up to snuff.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to go about gearing up my crafters for endgame yet. I never earned any of the red scrip gear before it came down in price. While it’s a lot more within reach for me now, I’m really not stoked by the idea that it’s job-dependent and will take up so much space I don’t have. I wish I could just skip to the omni-crafter set, but that’s super expensive and will require the materia melds. So either way I go, it’s going to have its pitfalls.

Ah, well. The day in the life of a crafter!

This quest let me ride this pretty cool, and quite helpful, young dragon.
This quest let me ride this pretty cool, and quite helpful, young dragon.


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2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Moogle Beast Tribe Quests & Crafting Progress

  1. I’m also a huge fan of the moogle quests.

    While I only have CRP at 60, and nothing else near 50 yet, (slowly leveling them all at the same time) the moogle quests have been a relaxing part of my daily routine, and watching the plaza get developed is a fulfilling endeavor.


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