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E3 Thoughts: Nintendo, Zelda, Ever Oasis


I’m not a huge follower of E3, simply because I’m not into the console gaming like some folks. The only console I own (if you don’t count the 3DS) is a Wii U, and that’s not even a year old yet. So the major interest I had in E3 was seeing the reveal of the new Legend of Zelda.

Now titled Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, what I have seen of it has not disappointed. When I heard it was to be an “open world” LoZ, this is pretty much what I imagined, just prettier. It was already going to be a must-pre-order for me before this, but now the previews have sealed the deal. I just need to really get around to playing the rest of my LoZ library, as I intended this year!

Speaking of which, Nintendo has a big Nintendo Store sale going on, which I was anticipating. The couple titles I picked up were ironically LoZ – the VC version of Link to the Past and Windwaker HD. I was hoping that we’d see Windwaker HD come as a Nintendo Selects as it did in EU, but the discount set it at $26, and I had some leftover gift card balance from Christmas that covered it, so I picked it up. I also upgraded my copy of Paper Mario from the Wii version to the Wii U VC version for less than $2. Still need to play that.

The new RPG IP that Nintendo showed off is called Ever Oasis. I watched the trailer and I’m not completely sure if I’m sold on this yet. It seems a conglomeration of chibi Secret of Mana with Animal Crossing and possibly Fantasy Life. All these aren’t bad things, and the art seems bright and appealing. I just didn’t feel like anything grabbed me and said “You must play!”

So, I’m wait-and-see on this.

Other good news.

Looks like Stardew Valley is coming to consoles. Yay!

And Pokemon Go is going to be released in July!


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4 thoughts on “E3 Thoughts: Nintendo, Zelda, Ever Oasis

  1. I fell in love with the new LoZ aswell… And am super happy I actually picked up my Wii U 3 months ago so I can play it! Like you I have some other Zelda games to finish first though: Majora’s Mask and A Link Between Worlds both on my 3DS. I also borrowed Ocarina of Time from a friend, which coincidentally will be a select aswell so I can just get it myself later on!

    Other than that I’m mostly into the new Pokémon games and also doubting the new Ever Oasis. I think it can be a good game, but seeing as how fast I gave up on Animal Crossing I’m not really sure how to approach it. I guess we’ll see. All in all it’s a good year for Zelda fans!


    1. I finished a Link Between Worlds not long ago – recommended! I also need to finish Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask for my 3DS. On top of that, I now have the Windwaker and Twilight Princess to play. Yikes!

      My last real complete LoZ was Link to the Past on SNES. I’m so behind. 😦


      1. I never owned a Zelda game untill I bought Majora’s Mask 😛 so I’m more behind than you haha. And you just reminded me that I also have Windwaker and Twilight Princess HD to play through on my Wii U…
        What have we done?!


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