FFXIV: Finishing 2.0 and Busting Down Goals

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Last night, Zeb, I and a kind FC member, Star, helped Xaa and Vix through the final dungeon of 2.0, where they saw the credits roll and have officially “beat” the original ARR. We like to do those last two dungeons unsynced so that new people can see all the story cutscenes, and this worked out just fine.

In other news, thanks to Moogle quests, I reached level 60 on my Alchemist this week, finally. Now I just have two more crafting jobs to go before completing them all. I almost don’t even have to make goals for this because Moogle quests make it so easy.


I also finished leveling my Maurader on Zuri to 30 and unlocked warrior last night. A few weeks back, I got my Rogue to 30 as well, but I still need the quest to unlock Ninja. So that’s two more goals (overacheived).


All I have left for this month’s goals is to continue to get end gear drops if I can, and to finish leveling Gladiator to 25. She’s currently 22, but man, those 20s are still the lag-point for leveling to me. Just grinding out South Shroud leves because not many people seem to like to do FATEs in that area. But I do want to get all jobs to 30 and unlock all advanced jobs. It would be nice to clear out that armory space if nothing else!

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