Crud NaNoWriMo July 2016 – Shadows of Zot

Well, crud. Look what happened.


I wasn’t going to write for the July Camp NaNoWriMo. I was pretty discouraged after suffering through April’s NaNoWriMo, which was decidedly one of the worst NaNo experience I’ve had yet (no fault of NaNo, it was all me). And then I felt that all the effort went to waste as I didn’t even post anything I wrote in the end.

For the past few months, I’ve really wondered if I’ve lost my skill for fiction writing. Sure, I can spin a blog post like this in little to no time, and shoot out technical articles for work without batting an eye. But there’s a huge difference between inspired fantasy writing and conversational or technical writing. They’re all writing, but they use different muscles.

Where blogging had begun as a way to keep me writing consistently between my fiction sprints, it’s now become so, so much harder for me to write fiction in general. I’m not going to lie, I’d almost decided to give up on all of it. But then I get the little unexpected encouragements like…


Merrybelly… you just don’t know how I almost cried for joy to see a kind compliment during a dark time in my creative landscape. Thank you. 🙂

It also got Shadows of Zot back on my writing radar, which is something I’ve wanted to do anyhow. So, yes. I have four days to re-read the 14 chapters I’ve already posted and refresh my creative palette to try and give this fantasy writing thing another stab.


    1. And because I don’t say it often–I’ve always admired your writing. Not to mention the Sygnus network was kind of my gateway into the nicer side of the ‘Net. I’m always behind you cheering you on!

  1. I was in favor of learning more things about Dreigiau, I’m definitely in favor of learning more things about Zot… I like your writing… I feel it’s your decision whether or not you are going to supply me things to feed my “Wayrift Cuties” addiction… Heh! Then again I think most of the males in your/Syn’s stories are cute whether or not I want them to receive retribution for something…

    1. I may yet release some of the snippets of writing I did in April. There were a lot of things I wrote that I really liked, and I got into a lot more culture, world building and background story. Such as how the Ghost Clan was working in tandem with Zerom in Book 1 — this is hinted at in current Dreigiau, but never fully explored.

      I also wanted to build a stronger foundation for AsaHi’s background (her family, her clan) and her relationships with SoYa and TsuYa. I didn’t get to do that in the original since she was pretty much ushered out the door the moment she got back to Nefol. But in the original writings, I wasn’t thinking about Nefol, I was thinking about the journey AsaHi was going to take. So, it’s just a much different slant on the story.

  2. The skills are entirely different indeed – scarcely related at all, I sometimes feel. I guess it’s like being good at one sport doesn’t make you automatically good at another, even though they may all involve, literally, the same muscles.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo – I didn’t realize it happened more than once a year.

    1. The large 50K NaNoWriMo is still in November. They just added two smaller Camp NaNoWriMos during April and July, since Nov is usually a busy time of year for some folks.

      The nice thing about the Camp NaNoWriMos are that they aren’t a set word count. So, you can choose to do 10K or 15K or 25K… or whatever fits you best. So, for example, if you do them both, at 25K each, you still do the equivalent of a full NaNo in the end.

      It’s a little better for folks like me who have a full time job and other adult stuff. Back in college, it was nothing to toss out 50K words in less than 20 days for me. Not anymore.

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