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FFXIV Really Wants Me to Play Dragoon


…on Zuri, and I’m almost feeling about ready to oblige.

So it’s been a full month of running Weeping City with FC folks and not getting a Bard drop for Zuri. Granted, I only run it once a week because I still am not that fond of it. But, that’s four runs without a drop, and I have three different gear slots that I still need to fill.

On the flipside, I’ve seen all sorts of Dragoon gear dropping when I run. Last night, the Dragoon boots dropped on Ozma and I took a good long while to decide whether to roll on them. But with the possibility of the Bard chest dropping from the final boss, I passed… and got nothing again.

Now, I’m starting to think FFXIV is telling me something… like I need to just give up and play Dragoon.

The thing is, I have Tai who is a fairly geared Dragoon already, and Zuri is a much more geared Bard. I feel like I’m slowly getting to the point where I’m going to have to make the choice between characters. Running everything twice, including gearing up, just isn’t working well for me anymore. Not that it ever has in the past.

For example, I haven’t touched Relic, Deep Dungeons or the Yokai event on Tai… and I don’t know that I ever will. It’s getting harder to remember who has cleared what (Zuri hasn’t cleared A2 while Tai has cleared up to A8). And having to switch between them for different things is starting to be a little bit of a pain.

So, I’m trying to decide if I’m going to start working on Zuri’s Dragoon to replace Tai (oh man… that sounds so sad… poor Tai). Her Dragoon is level 60 with moderate end game gear, enough to run expert roulette, but nothing special. No Lore stuff and no drops from Weeping. I guess that can be my project for next month.

Clearing the Palace of the Dead

Sunday night, our little group of Zeb, Xaa, Vix and myself cleared the Deep Dungeon for the first time. We ran floors 40-50 three times before we actually beat the boss, and I have to say that the abysmal silver chest drop rate makes me glad they’ve buffed the dungeon before we got back to the lower floors again.


I enjoyed the storyline that followed clearing the dungeon, too. I really loved FFXIV’s horror story, but I’m glad we’ve got some closure on the whole thing. We even ran Vix and Xaa through Tam-Tara HM so they could finish up the quest as well.


I’m gonna keep running until I get that glowing weapon. I guess I’m shooting for the Dragoon item this time, since I’m still slowly working on Zuri’s Bard Relic.

I haven’t had a lot of time with the Yokai event yet, but I’m looking forward to hitting up lots of FATES while people are running them heavily. I want to collect all of the minions and a few of the weapon skins at the least. It’s also pretty great since I’m trying to level my Gladiator to 30 on Zuri, and the few FATES I managed to do last night pushed it to 26.

What I’ve seen of the minions and the quest has been pretty cute. The mounts are a little funky, but then again, so is the new Fat Moogle mount….


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3 thoughts on “FFXIV Really Wants Me to Play Dragoon

  1. I’m definitely aiming to get a glowy bow. 🙂 Honestly, I’ve found that I enjoy the Palace of the Dead, just because it’s kind of crazy to run in a group of four and just see how fast you can kill everything on a floor. XD

    Someday I may try soloing again, for a bit of a challenge… but the challenge was mostly “don’t walk until you’re at full health in case you step on a mine or open a trapped chest” from my brief soloing experience. XD


      1. I don’t think my Dragoon has the ilvl to run Weeping City, so I’ll still have to run it on Bard. That way, if a Bard drop does happen, I can get it, and still try for Dragoon drops. XD


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