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FFXIV: Deep Dungeon Weapon Get! #Blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!



Last night, Zeb, Xaa, Vix and myself finished the last two Floor 41-50 runs of the Palace of the Dead we needed to earn our glowy weapons! We’ve been pretty consistently working on this dungeon as a group bit by bit, and it finally paid off.


I also used this dungeon for extra tomes on one run and to level Machinist (Yay, level 56!) on another. I have my sights set on the Dragoon spear as well, but decided since I still have a few months before I get anywhere close to finishing Bard relic, to get the bow first.

Here’s the rest of our party of troublemakers:


Vix and Xaa can’t equip their glowy weapons just yet because they are both level 58, and you have to be 60 to use the weapon. But they’re getting there! We’ve also been helping them through the Main Scenario Quests — they just beat King Moogle Mog the other night. It’s pretty incredible that they’ll certainly be level 60 before they hit Ishgard.

Overall, I’m feeling much better about my choice to focus on Zuri for end game activities. I still have things I need to re-run to catch her up to where Tai was, but with her new bow, she’s now sitting at ilvl 231. Considering I still have a few more pieces of gear to upgrade, I’m pretty happy with that.

Earlier this week, I also spent time earning all the Yo-Kai minions and one more weapon (Ninja). I still would like to get a few more weapon skins, but I’ve not really been working on it too hard. My Gladiator still needs a few more levels before she hits 30, which will make all of my jobs at least level 30 on Zuri, finally.

I picked up the Whisper-Go mount, of course, and while it’s cute, I don’t think it’ll be my main mount anytime soon. 😉



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