FFXIV: Turning Lalafell and Finding Fun #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


After reading through a lot of advice from my post about how to relax at end-game in an MMO like FFXIV (thank you), I decided to have a “I do what I want” weekend. I didn’t finish any of my Beast Tribe quests on Zuri, or work on Relic, and didn’t beat myself up over it. Instead, I spent way too much time with Posing Rangers and running Deep Dungeons until way too late in the night.

I also finally made up my mind to turn Zemi into a Lalafell.


This wasn’t an easy choice. The Au Ra was the only tall character I’ve rolled and played in the past, and the dragony style fits Zemi’s character. I liked some of the Au Ra prideful emotes as well. But overall, I still couldn’t get use to the male Au Ra’s overly grouchy/serious face and the horns, which really look silly when you try to wear a number of different hats.

I knew that I wanted to roll a Lalafell, just because they seemed like a cheerful and relaxing alternative to my end game characters. Neither Zuri nor Tai are meant to be Lalafell. Zemi already has earned a number of limited-time cosmetics, his chocobo, and other such things being a level 31 Warrior… so rolling a brand new character and doing all that over again felt a little silly. He also had two Fantasia bottles, so if I made the switch and didn’t like it, I could always switch back.

So, that’s what I did. I also took Zemi’s Warrior through the Hall of the Novice to earn the Brand New Ring. Then I switched to Arcanist and started leveling anew.


With my itty-bitty chocobo and carbuncle summon, I feel like I have a little zoo at my disposal. I need to take Zemi to get his Yo-Kai watch so he can at least get some minions while he levels. 🙂

Speaking of Yo-Kai, I earned Zuri’s third weapon this weekend, the White Mage kitty staff, which I quickly glamoured over the uh… ahem… “Boob Staff” she currently has.


I also finished leveling Gladiator to level 30 and unlocked Paladin, getting my final soul stone for Zuri’s jobs. This earned the Seeker of Blood achievement, which notes that I’ve completed level 30 quests for all Disciples of War classes. So one major goal finally complete!


This has also been a weekend of minions. First, Syn got the Calamari minion drop from Hullbreaker Hard, which she gave to me. This tentacle reminded me instantly of a throwback to Maniac Mansion or Day of the Tentacle… and it even pulls out a little blue ray gun to shoot people with!


My retainer also brought me a Titan’s Heart, which I quickly researched and discovered could be crafted into the Wind-Up Titan minion. And that is what I did.


All in all, I’m trying to do activities in game that are fun to me, rather than just what earns me progression. With quirky events like the Moonfire Faire and Yo-Kai Watch, it helps me to shake myself out and try to remember what I enjoy about FFXIV most.



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