No Man’s Sky: My Journey Begins

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!

Now that I got my initial impressions of No Man’s Sky out of my system, I’m ready to talk about my journey through space. Sadly, all screenshots will likely have icons on them as there’s no easy key-press way to remove those from screenshots (without modding).

So my little ship crashed on a world that was full of radiation, which made it twice as difficult to survive on my starter planet because I had to constantly keep shields and life support up. I now know that I could have re-rolled for something better, but I took what I could get, not knowing anything different back then. It’s okay, though. It taught me about what I had to look forward to (a lot of annoying suit nagging).

I also learned two important things when going to name my first planet:

  1. NMS likes to lag as you type the names of things, which results in typos
  2. You can’t change the name of something once you upload

And thus, I typoed my own name on my starter planet. Le sigh.

Yeah, stop laughing!

I spent way too much time fixing my ship for launch. There were various creatures on the planet, despite the radiation, which I named accordingly.

I also discovered rare and wondrous lifeforms, such as these Nose Walkers. Yes, they were walking on their noses. I did a double take, too.

Anyhow. Once I fixed my ship and was able to get off the first planet, I spent way too much time stumbling through the quest to fix my hyperdrive and fuel it because I couldn’t find antimatter. Once I figured all this out, I was able to head to another star system.

The first planet the quest led me to was a crappy Lifeless Planet. I named this one Lifeless Bum. It didn’t have anything much of interest, but did have this cool green sky effect.

I also found my first crashed ship, which I fixed for an upgrade and took as my own.

But the second planet I discovered there was lush and green, so I named it Greenland. Yeah, I’m original.

I spent a long time exploring all this world had to offer. I even earned 100% of creature discovery while I was here.

I also learned that if you feed the friendly creatures, a smiley face appears above them, and they will go out and dig up resources for you.

Naturally, I spent a long time following these cuties around.

Eventually, the call of the Main Atlas Quest pulled me away from my beloved Greenland.

Though Atlas wanted me to press on to new systems, I decided to check out the rest of the planets in the system. They weren’t always pretty.

I did find this ice world, which I named Winter Wonderland. I decided while I was there, I could search to see if there were any crashed ships to upgrade my inventory slots.

And there was. Not the coolest looking ship, but inventory is inventory in this game.

Eventually, I moved on to the next system, where Atlas continued to summon me. Why is it that Atlas sounds a bit like The Buzzing from The Secret World?

I decided to follow the path of Atlas, wherever that will lead me.

Aaaaand… that’s pretty much it for my first 18 hours in No Man’s Sky. Of course, there was a lot of learning alien languages, fighting space pirates and the like that I didn’t screenshot here. I haven’t had a lot of time to play since this weekend, but I’m looking forward to what I’ll discover in the next star system!