FFXIV: Level 60 With Friends

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!

I’ve been doing as I said I would do in my previous post, and having a better time in FFXIV the past few days. I’ve been running Expert Roulette and Beast Tribe quests to earn my Lore Tomes for the week with the goal of getting Lore pants in a few days. I’m currently sitting at 706 of the 825 I’ll need, so it won’t be long.

Thankfully, the game has been kind to me and we’ve been consistently getting Hullbreaker Isle instead of Sohr Khai. I’m not a fan of the boss fights in Sohr Khai, and that’s what tends to prevent me from wanting to run that roulette.

I’ve also been running Leveling and some Trials on my Machinist (pictured above), and I hit level 58 last night. I’m still catching up on job quests, and I finally spent a little gil on upgrading Zuri’s gear. Once she hits 60 on it, Machinist will share gear with my Bard, which is my ultimate space-saving goal. It’s kinda sad that I level a job just to clean out inventory, but there you have it.

Part of the leveling runs have been to help Xaa and Vix finally reach level 60 on their main jobs.

Vix got her level 60 Scholar on Wednesday night.

Xaa got his level 60 Black Mage last night.

Congrats both! 

The crazy thing is that they are currently working through the 2.0 MSQ to get to Heavensward, and now they can equip the Palace of the Dead weapons they earned! Their last big milestone was beating Ramuh and they’re taking on the rest of these quests at level cap! They are going to have no problem getting through the expansion story, that’s for sure. XD

Xaa is still enjoying his race change to Lalafell, especially when it comes to his choice in mounts.

In other news, I’m holding back doing much else in the way of Zuri’s Relic because I know there’s going to be a change in the step I’m working on with next week’s patch. Seeing that I’m more than halfway through gathering the Unidentifiable objects I need, I’m hoping for the best. Shoot, if they cut the requirements in half, I’ll have enough for almost two weapons. It’s just a matter of whether I’d want to run all those dungeons over again for a second relic. XD