FFXIV: A Weekend of Progress

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!

This weekend, I hit a lot of the little goals I had in mind for this week, mostly dealing with leveling and gearing up. This was the first week that I’ve capped Lore Tomes since Lore has existed, and it was enough to finally get the 240 pants for Zuri’s Bard. She currently has a mish-mash of Weeping City and Lore gear, with only one ring left to upgrade (this week) to make everything at least ilvl 230. I’m content with this.

I’d like to gear up Zuri’s Dragoon as well, but I haven’t decided on whether running Expert Roulette is my thing. It wasn’t terrible last week, but most the time, we ended up with Hullbreaker (thankfully). But at this point, I favor Expert over Weeping City because at least you’re sure to be working towards gear you need… rather than suffer through WC and not know if anything you need will drop (and if it does, if you can win the roll).

I’m also looking forward to the Relic nerf tonight, though I haven’t seen the patch notes out for what the changes will be. I’ve held off buying Unidentifiable items because I didn’t know which way it would go. Here’s my item stash as of now.

In the meantime, I’m working on continuing to level Zuri’s Machinist. This wasn’t the top goal of my list for the month, but it’s become a heavy focus for me this week. Every chance I’ve had to squeeze in a little more experience, I’ve taken – Deep Dungeon, Roulettes, Crystal Tower Raids, Hunts, Beast Tribe quests…

Last night, I got level 59, so I’m getting very close to a 60 Machinist who will be auto-geared by all the Bard gear. I will be a very happy camper.

I’m not sure how much I enjoy Machinist yet, though. I’ve not actually played anything of substance with the job using post level 50 skills. It’s hard to compare to a fully geared Bard, but it feels a lot less support-oriented than Bard does for some reason.

I finally completed all of my outstanding Job Quests this weekend, and I’m glad to have those cleaned up and off my radar. Aside from that, we’ve been helping Xaa and Vix progress through the story (they just completed Snowcloak) and getting them through the Crystal Tower raids. We ran the trio yesterday with them, and it was a pretty good experience, IMHO. Hopefully they’re having fun exploring the world of Poetics Tomes and level 50 content. Very soon, they’ll be stumbling into Ishgard!