FFXIV: Massive Anima Relic NERF!

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!

No, I don’t mean the Anima Relic itself was nerfed, but with patch 3.38, the long, tedious process of earning the ilvl 210 Relic has just become much, much more do-able.

If you recall, here was where I was sitting with my Relic process:

I was waiting for this patch hoping and praying that the nerf would be something like halving the number of Unidentifiable items to 10. Man, did I not expect what we did get! Neither did Reddit, apparently:

First, they more than halved the amount of Tomes each item cost.

Second, they significantly cut the number of Beast Tribe tokens required to purchase the items.

Third, not only did they make the crafted items require only normal quality rather than high quality, but they put them up for sale for Grand Company Seals.

And, finally, they reduced the number of Unidentified items from 20 to 10 – which was all I was hoping for in the first place.

Seeing that I’ve been holding back on purchasing anything with my Tomes and Beast Tribe tokens since last week, when I get home today, I will certainly have enough to easily buy the rest of the Unidentifiable items required. Depending on the cost of the crafted items (I’ll assume the price will temporarily shoot up, but I’m glad I waited and didn’t buy the HQ ones), I may look into what I need to craft my own.

In the meantime, I’m halfway to another Relic based on what I’ve saved. The only question is… which job gets it? I’m thinking Dragoon.

The second question is, which Relic do I take beyond the 230 phase? I’ve been sitting on 12 Aether Oil (yes, we run a lot of Crystal Tower), so I have enough for 2 of those already.

I guess this is where I finally need to decide what my main job is going to be. 😀