Help! Which EQ2 Alt to Raise to 95?

Thanks to Bhagpuss and Telwyn I learned that EQ2 was giving away a free level 95 Heroic upgrade to any character who has not already recieved said upgrade before. I have 3 level 90 heroics, including my “main,” so this is fine with me as the more alts I can level the better. And I have a lot of alts

In fact, I have SO many alts that I don’t know which one to choose! So I need help!

I don’t know anything about how EQ2 classes play at higher levels, but I’d want something that I can have fun soloing with. I generally enjoy melee, but now days, I’ve gotten used to ranged DPS as well.

I went through the list of alts and trimmed it down to these possibilities. So that there is no bias, I’m listing them in alphabetical order.


Lv 40 Wizard


  • The name. Somehow I managed to hold on to the name “Benjamin” even through the server consolidation.
  • Nostalgia. He was the first character I rolled on Freeport when the game went F2P – I literally got in at the moment the servers went up to snag this name.
  • Cosmetics – the staff and mount I don’t think are available in game anymore.
  • I hear Wizard becomes a beast at higher levels (how well does it solo?).


  • The highest level character that I’m looking at boosting. Maybe I should pick someone lower?
  • Unsure of how fun Wizard will be at higher levels for solo content. Are they too squishy?
  • Not a Ratonga.


Lv 21 Monk


  • My only Froglok.
  • The only character I have that doesn’t have access to a flying mount or the ability to fly. Using this boost will give her a flying mount.
  • I heard Monk is fun (?).


  • Unsure of how Monk works at high levels – is it fun for soloing?
  • Not a Ratonga… but is a Froglok. Hm. Does that balance out?


Lv 25 Fury


  • Ratonga! My only male Ratonga, too.
  • I hear Fury is a lot of fun!
  • The name “Rawring.”
  • I don’t have a higher level healer class… but I don’t really do group content, and only care about solo-ability.


  • Is Fury really a lot of fun for solo content at level 95?  Dunno!


Lv 33 Beastlord


  • Ratonga!
  • Pet class!
  • Scythe!
  • Cosmetics – I spent some Station Cash (Daybreakbucks, whatever they are now) for that outfit.
  • I enjoyed what I’ve played of Beastlord and bought that one expansion just to have the class more or less.
  • There are some cool warders I’ve wanted to tame, but couldn’t until I get a higher level.


  • Being a pet class, would this one be easier to level manually than some of the others on the list?
  • How fun is Beastlord at a higher level? I recall it being somewhat more complex.


Lv 32 Warden


  • Pure nostalgia here. Zento is the oldest character still existing in my roster, created in December 2004 (I re-rolled my Ratonga main several times after launch).
  • I don’t have a higher level healer class… but I don’t really do group content, and only care about solo-ability.
  • Cosmetics – he has a cool cloak I got from Legends of Norrath that I don’t think you can get elsewhere anymore.


  • Not sure how well Warden solos at higher level. Is it fun?
  • Is the nostalgia factor enough to warrant this choice?
  • Not a Ratonga.