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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The Magical Teleporting Tank #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


This is the story of a Dark Knight we met in Sohr Khai with an unfortunate, bad Internet connection. Somehow, this magically taught him how to teleport.

I’m serious.

One moment, we would see him lagging out, standing next to us with the disconnect symbol beside his name. The next moment, he had teleported ahead of us to the next group of mobs and already pulled before we realized it. This was crazy for Zeb as a healer, and the DPS could never anticipate when a pull was coming.


This was a constant stop-go-stop-go thing through the whole run, not just an occasional bit of lag. The tank often lost connection while tanking the trash, which led to scattered aggro all over the place. Our second DPS, a pretty competent Dragoon who never spoke once, must have gotten fed up with it because he dropped the group before the first boss.

The thing is, I don’t consider Sohr Khai a dungeon you can fool around in. I’ve died there too many times, and the a tank dropping connection on Hraesvelgr would be devastating. The Dragoon was probably considering this too, and cut his losses by dropping the group.

Now, the tank seemed like a nice guy, and he was apologetic for the situation. But rather than bowing out politely so we could re-queue or find a new tank (Note: We could have left without penalty after the Dragoon left), he decided to keep going.


The guy hadn’t really done anything wrong and I’m sure he’s normally a good tank, so Zeb and I (being the softies we are) grumbled a bit and didn’t have high hopes for the run, but didn’t drop group. Eventually, we got a second Bard to replace the dropped DPS, and continued teleportingly through the dungeon.

Considering the situation, we didn’t do too terribly. There were few fatalities along the way, despite how easily the tank lost aggro due to lagging out. But the true test was facing the final boss. None of us, not even the tank, were particularly stoked for it.


We… actually got through this fight on the first try. It was a bit hectic, and the tank did fall to his death (as expected) due to the pillar destruction, but thankfully, not until we got Hraesvelgr down to 3%. I was able to pop a last-second limit break and we downed the fight!

And in the end, he was super polite about it.


But I still wouldn’t want to try that again! Whew!

(And no commendations for this Bard. Bummer. 😦 )



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9 thoughts on “FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The Magical Teleporting Tank #blaugust2016

  1. Although the DK really ought to have dropped group when it was apparent that their connection was FUBAR, kudos to you guys for sticking with the run and props to the tank for their gracious comment at the end.

    All to often these sort of events in DF groups descend in meanness and recriminations. It’s nice to see one that went the distance in the face of adversity! 😊


    1. If it had been me as the DK, I would have asked my party what they felt about continuing on, or would have bowed out knowing I wasn’t going to do my job well. If he had done that, chances are, we probably still would have stuck with him to see how some of the bosses went because he genuinely seemed like a nice player.

      I think it was mostly because of the mechanics of this dungeon (pillars that fall if you don’t jump off them, causing insta-death) that this was a major issue. If this had been something like Hullbreaker HM, I wouldn’t have been so worried.

      But, yes, we made it through!


  2. Sadly, DPS almost never get commendations, unless you end up with a healer and a tank who both are worse than your teleporting tank (as in, like a scholar after about 30 who only uses the fairy to heal, and doesn’t even dot mobs, and a tank who doesn’t use a stance).

    I’m glad your tank managed to be able to get you through the dungeon even with his net issues, but had it been me, he would have probably gotten a vote-kick after a couple lag-ups like that; as you implied, tanks on mechanics heavy bosses are kinda important, and I wouldn’t’ve felt confident enough to have kept him in for it.


    1. Yeah, my low number of commendations to time played proves DPS rarely get any. Ah well. I always give the DPS one unless they’re particularly bad.

      We weren’t really confident that the tank would pull through. As you can see, he wasn’t either! Maybe it was a bit of karma for having stuck with it? Dunno. Either way, it made a good story. 🙂


  3. The use of the word “teleportingly” automatically makes this the best post ever. 🙂

    Kogami Avagnar, of Zalera here (a L59, i123 “relative noob”). Been lurking for about a month or so and enjoying your blog, thought I would join in and post today.

    Happy Friday!


    1. Hi Kogami! Wonderful to meet you. Thanks so much for the comment and for introducing yourself! 😀

      Good luck on getting level 60! I need to work on leveling my Ninja sometime as well. 🙂

      Have a great weekend!


  4. A few weeks back I was at my family’s cabin outside Yellowstone. connection was randomly bad most of the time. Usually ok in the mornings, but not always. Horrid in the afternoons and evenings. In spite of being a DSL, so supposedly dedicated. I managed to get through 3 DF’s groups no problem, 1 where I looked ok to myself but it looked like everybody else was moving in fits and starts (due to the server updating my client on their positions once every 1.5 seconds or so) and I was missing mechanics dodges due to the lag, but the healer kept me up and we managed. But another time I lost connection during 1st boss, got it back, but lost it again before 2nd, so I dropped out then so they could get someone to replace me. Didn’t want to screw up their run with my crappy connection, ya know?


    1. Yeah, lag can be terrible with this game sometimes. The tank didn’t seem to know he was lagging before queuing up, or why he was lagging so badly. Made it through somehow!


  5. Personally I like it when that kind of thing happens and people don’t get nasty about it. It’s a nice test of skill to see just how much weight you can carry.

    Well, for a couple of wipes, anyway. After that it’s more annoying, and time to face the fact that you need a full party, not 3 1/4 people.

    As long as it’s not a common occurrence, obviously. Every now and then is fun.


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