August Goals in Review

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!

Another month has come and gone and Blaugust is almost over with! How did I do on my goals for this month?

Well, I accomplished my Blaugust goal, which was to post every weekday. I won’t say this was always easy, but I did get it done. I’ll probably be a bit more lax next month, though, unless gaming really starts to pick up!

My console and Pokemon goals were left in the dust as I really put a lot more time into FFXIV this month. Some of this was helping other people level. Some of it was playing major catchup with Zuri as I finally made the choice to play her exclusively at this time.

Here’s how it went this time around:


  • Play some!


Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge

Nope. Didn’t touch this game this month. Need to try to do two gym badges next month if possible! 

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Work on 3rd tier of Bard Relic ✓
  • Get the PotD Bow ✓
  • Get the PotD Spear
  • Level Machinist ✓ (Ding 60!)
  • Finish gearing up Bard ✓ (100% Complete!)
  • Start gearing up Dragoon ✓
  • Clear up to Alex 8 on Zuri ✓
  • Unlock Level 60 Roulette on Zuri

Let’s see. I got a LOT of this done this month. Not only did I complete leveling Machinist, but I finished gearing up Bard and completed the 3rd step of Relic (thanks to the nerf). I also completed all of Alex on Zuri. 

I did start gearing up my Dragoon, but will probably hold off on the rest of it for the Lore nerf in a month. I didn’t get the PotD spear for Dragoon (I’m sitting at 24/23 gear in the Deep Dungeon), but I did start to work on Relic for Dragoon instead. I’m not sure if I’ll decide to still get that spear for Dragoon or switch to a different class. 

I didn’t unlock Level 60 Roulette, but I’m real close! All I have to do is finish a run of Pharos Sirius HM. 

FFXIV Leveling

  • Level Gladiator to 30 ✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

Yep, got this done. I now have all jobs to at least level 30 on Zuri! I also cleaned up all of my outstanding job quests, which feels good. 

FFXIV Random

  • Earn some Yo-kai Weapons ✓

I finished up my White Mage Yo-Kai weapon as well as the Ninja. Not sure if I want to get more at this point, though. 

Overall, looking good for August! On to September!