FFXIV: Tantalus Attire Get, Zidane Roll


So today I got the Rank 13 (1080 Days – Wow!) Vet reward in FFXIV, the Tantalus Attire. Being a big ole FFIX fan, I had no choice but to roll a character that looked as close as Zidane as possible — which means a catboy (for the tail).

Apparently, “Zidane” is a name that’s off limits in FFXIV. Someone on my server already had Zidane’ Tribal, so I went with the next variation.


I’m not sure if I’ll do much with him, but it’s a fun character to have. He won’t be able to legit glamour this stuff until level 50. And I had to start him as a Pugilist since Rogue is unavailable from the start. Bummer.

However, just within the few mins I was logged in to get my rewards from the mail, I had a random character hug me.



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