FFXIV: Relic Status and Tantalus Attire


Zeb with his new i240 Cane of the White Tsar Relic. Zuri with the in-progress Brionac Awoken.

So after pestering my friends to help me make a choice between Bard and Dragoon Relic, I’ve finally decided to take Dragoon relic to i240. I’ve also glamoured Zuri’s Dragoon gear to use the Tantalus Attire for reasons of cuteness.

Syn finished up Zeb’s i240 White Mage relic, as pictured above, this week. Meanwhile, I finally finished my FATE running for crystals and have moved on to completing the loooong string of dungeons.


Yeah, I know, Zeb. That’s how I feel about the dungeon run, too.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to rope Vix and Xaa into unlocking and running a lot of the Hard Mode dungeons unsynced, which is a whole lot more fun than running them via Duty Finder. I’ve already knocked out the first 4 dungeons, but will be setting it aside this weekend since Syn is coming to vising me for a few days IRL!

In the meantime, I’m using Beast Tribe quests to gather the last bits and pieces I’ll need to upgrade my Relic when I get done with the dungeon stage. At this point, I have everything but 5 seeds, so I’ll probably be done with gathering the items before I get done with the dungeons!


As you can see, I’m also stashing the Umbrite and Sands ahead of time for the next phase. I doubt I’m going to finish this before 3.4 comes out, but at least I have plenty to work on before the next patch!

I’m also geeking out over the Tantalus Attire, which almost seems to be made for Zuri! It helps that I really love FFIX, and don’t mind looking like a femcat Zidane one bit. 🙂




    1. I just realized you can dye the outfit, too, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I have to keep it legit Zidane. 😀

      I might try to see how it looks with Amon’s Hat. What I really want to glamour for Bard is the Shikaree set, though. *longing sigh*

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