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Sims 3: Time Locked Progression


Okay, yeah, I know that Sims 3 isn’t a MMO that can have a legit Time Locked progression server. But the idea behind it is very similar.

While I still enjoy the Sims 4 very much, I was eyeing Sims 3 in my Origins library this past weekend. I was thinking about it and realized that though I own all the expansion packs, I didn’t spend a lot of time with them individually.

I’d buy an expansion pack, and mess around with it for a few days before putting it down again. Then, when the next expansion came out, I’d do the same thing. Only, I still had all that content from the previous pack I had never fully explored. After 11 expansions, that started to add up until there was just so much content that I could never fully experience it all, and it all started to get jumbled together in my mind.

Heck, I didn’t even remember there was an Island Paradise expansion… beyond the knowledge of the fact that we had houseboats. I believe that Pets and Into the Future were the only expansions I spent significant time with. I still feel like there’s a lot I haven’t done with the pet system, too.

Therefore, I have decided that I’m going to go back and reinstall The Sims 3 one expansion at a time and play until I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grip on what each expansion had to offer. I’m going to try to play it as vanilla as possible — I remember my previous version of Sims 3 was heavily modded with way too much custom content. I might install a few things, but overall, my concentration will be on exploring expansion features to the fullest. I’m even planning to start with a Maxis pre-made family for this experiment as to not get too distracted by making my perfect family.

So, to begin, I’ve installed the base Sims 3 and the first expansion, World Adventures only. And though these are both 7 years old, I hope to blog review my experiences with them as I go along.

~♪ Sul Sul!


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