FFXIV: Dragoon Relic, Flying Turtles, and Other Tales


Friday and Saturday of this weekend was spent finishing up the final dungeons I needed to get the Dragoon Relic done (thanks to FC folks for all your help!). I can’t express how glad I am that step is done and how exhausted I am after running so many dungeons. I know that I can’t fully take a break now, but I need to dial back on the content for a bit so I can be fresh for the patch when it drops in two weeks.

Since I already had all the aether oils and items gathered for the next steps of Relic, I pretty much jumped from the ilvl 170 weapon to the ilvl 230 weapon in one shot. It went kinda like this:

The ilvl 200 get…

Exchange all this stuff…

For the ilvl 210 get

Then the super-easy ilvl 230 get (we run Crystal Tower for aether oil every week)…

I love the look on Zuri’s face. She seems shocked to be holding another Relic. 😀

Gathering and Relic

So now I’m on the stage where I have to gather Esos for Umbrite and various stuff for Sands to upgrade my weapon. I had a few on hand already, so I got a head start. But I’m going to need a lot more.

Feeling pretty worn out from all of the previous Relic activity, I decided to try to slow myself down and gather for my Sands. Specifically, I want to fish a bit.

I noticed that while I was fishing up a number of collectibles for scrips, they were rarely within the required quality level for a turn-in. I inspected my gathering gear (which I’ve been neglecting) and found I was still using the old level 58 set. I had never upgraded because it did what I needed it to do more or less up until this point.

Seeing that I needed more Perception to be successful in my Sand gathering, and that I’m still lacking in proper crafting gear to make such things for myself, I decided it was time to invest in the basic set of level 60 gathering gear.

ffxiv_09102016_175309Now I’m almost broke, but at least it looks pretty nifty.

So, yes, I could have worked on scrips for this and saved my gil, but I don’t like how the scrip sets require you to buy a set for each gathering job. I don’t have the inventory space for that, so it’s a big nope.

Yes, there is much better gear out there currently. But seeing those were going for between 1-2 million gil for each item, there’s no way I had that much to drop on gathering gear. I already spent about 3 million on this set, and between that and Relic, that depleted my gil stash pretty quickly.

If I’m going to put money into gear, it’s going to be crafting stuff. I just haven’t been motivated enough to upgrade for crafting. But if crafting blue scrips ends up being faster to get than gathering scrips, I might change my tune.

That Flying Turtle Mount

I haven’t been paying that much attention to my MGP account at the Gold Saucer, though I do try to hit the daily cactpot when I can. Xaa and I had been discussing the Adamantoise mount and wondering what it was like to ride it when it spinny-flies earlier this week. So, on a fluke, I decided to check and see if I had enough to purchase it. And I did!

So now, I can fly the friendly, spinning turtle!


Xaa had to come to see it first hand. This screen looks like my turtle would like a marshmellow Lala snack for lunch. 🙂


A Beast of a Time

My other goal this month is to work on gaining reputation with the two older beast tribes from 2.0 that I never ranked up. I was happy to earn the second tier of rep with first the Amalj’aa, and then the Sahagin this weekend.


Again, this was a case where I’d worked on this with Tai in the past, but not on Zuri. So I remember what it was like to do these quests on a fresh level 50 character. It is so, so easy to do on a level 60 – almost trivial. Not that I’m complaining. It used to be a real pain in the tail when everything in those areas aggroed.

Aside from a few CT raids, some FC treasure hunts, and an epic wiping session on T9 last night, that pretty much sums up my weekend in Eorzea. I’m going to try to purposely sit back and relax some from here on out. Maybe work up a little Lore for when the patch drops, but that’s not a priority.

I need to investigate some gil-making ideas to restock my coffers after the gathering gear upgrade. I might also investigate crafting scrips and see if I can find a faster, painless way to earn Sands.

Still got a lot to do, even with most my September goals met!


  1. this makes me super excited to get into HW content, but I am making sure my crafting and gathering are all at 50 (save fishing) before I go to HW.

    1. Good luck with the crafting and gathering! It’s worth it to be able to jump into those Moogle beast tribe quests for crafting once you get there. There’s no faster or cheaper track to 60 for crafting! They are truly a wonderful invention! 🙂

  2. Nice work, that relic looks awesome! I actually spent a good chunk of my weekend working on relics for my NIN and DRG; both of which were essentially at the very beginning. Got Atma done for NIN (moving on to the “books” step), and almost to Atma step for DRG, but excited to see what the finished (more or less) product will be at some point (probably far, far away from now).

    Also, I absolutely salute all you veteran players who had to slog through the Atma before they nerfed it, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been (maybe I can – looking at you, Yokai Medals)!

    Have a great week!

    1. Actually, books was as far as I ever got on the original Atma (though I did do other steps before they were fully nerfed). I’m entertaining the idea of going back to do some more on my old relic just to see if I can. I still have it in my inventory because I couldn’t bear throwing it away. It would be nice to progress it to Zenith and make it a glamour. 🙂

      It depends on if the dungeons and other requirements can be cleared mostly solo/duo. I don’t want to jump too deep into something that is going to require tons of group time.

  3. I am SO getting that turtle mount! I don’t care that I can’t fly yet, I just want to wear a monocle and stare haughtily at people from my perch atop the shell. 😀

    1. Go for it! 200K MGP in the Gold Saucer! It’s not really as hard as it sounds to get if you play the games there regularly. 🙂

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