Sims 3: World Adventures Continue

So, I’m continuing my Sims 3 playthrough with very few mods and only the World Adventure expansion installed. The more time I spend with this expansion, the more I’m glad I did try it out. While I still think replayability might be low for some folks, the locations I’m visiting are becoming more exquisite (like the picture above) and the puzzles are growing more tricky and fun to solve.

Lawrence Lum is now an adult and is my chosen adventuring Sim. I like that time stops for him and all Sims while he’s away in distant locations. This gives him a greater lifespan to enjoy days abroad exploring places without missing work or special life events. Not that he has a job… because at this point, exploration brings in a good bit of money.

Back at Home

Though adventuring is my major focus, I do want Lawrence to have a family to continue the Lum line. So, after he became an adult and proposed to River, he and both his parents started getting aspirations of Lawrence marrying her. I took that as a hint, and invited River over for the official wedding. Only… time hadn’t been so kind to her, and she had put on a bit of weight since the last few Sim days Lawrence saw her.

Lawrence loved River regardless (or maybe it was that she put up with him), so I set them to have a private house wedding. There’s no wedding arch item in game yet (I looked and looked, only to find that it wasn’t introduced until the Generations expansion!), so exchanging rings in the living room would have to do.

Apparently the other Sim doesn’t switch into formal wear — maybe I had to make this a Wedding Party? — but at least River’s mummy t-shirt was relevant to Lawrence’s interests.

Theodore Lum is now at the top of his career level, and has really created a nice little surplus of money for his growing family. But time is passing, and he becomes an Elder.

With Lawrence’s parents aging, and him now being married, he’s under pressure to provide some grand kids. The one catch is that though River is a family-oriented Sim and loves lots and lots of kids, Lawrence has a “Dislikes Kids” trait, which means he detests the whole kid thing.

I guess he’s in for a miserable family life. Sorry, Lawrence. Meet his son, Colet (random name generator).

See that smile? Lawrence is really good at concealing his dislike, but his moodlet section in game told me otherwise. Why is it that I always see this as something like this internally…

In the meantime, I’ve been having River get into shape since she wants to accompany Lawrence on one of his trips abroad.

I’ve also bought her a guitar since she’s an artistic Sim and wanted to express herself musically.

I let Lawrence hold on to his aspiration to beat up a mummy, and he’s been practicing his martial arts for the day that comes…

Soon, Lawrence. Soon.

At least he can now meditate and try to clear his mind of the sound of a crying newborn. 😀