Sims 3: Fist-Fighting a Mummy


So, as I continue my playthrough of Sims 3 with only the World Adventures expansion installed, I’ve decided to concentrate on my progress in Egypt. My goal is to earn the highest level of Visa in the country, which is 3. I have to do that by completing quests and adventures.

The reason I chose Egypt was that there’s actually a bit of a storyline going on here. On one hand, you have the “rebellion” of the locals who are fighting back against the nefarious MorcuCorp. You start out helping the locals in retrieving three relics before MorcuCorp can get a hold of them.

This sends you to numerous crypts and pyramids, including some that have dangerous mummies. The last time Lawrence came to Egypt and saw a mummy, he got the aspiration to beat one up. I did the research and learned that a combination of a “certain level” of martial arts and athletic skills could make that happen. So I started working both of those skills up before returning.

He came back to this crypt and got into a scuffle with the mummy….


Who promptly kicked his tail.

Oh well. I guess he needs to keep working on those skills. Thankfully, Lawrence only blacked out and didn’t get cursed from the experience.


Heading back into the crypt, Lawrence was faced with all sorts of traps and situations… such as hacking into the MorcuCorp headquarters computer.


He’s a little toasty here from hitting a flame trap, but he’ll live.

This time, River came along with her husband. I found it too hectic to try and keep up with quests for more than one Sim at a time, though, so Lawrence is probably going to solo trip adventures from now on.


I have no idea what they’re eating here. It looks like Lawrence is roasting a bunch of hot dogs and a head of lettuce…

Back at the Homestead

Returning home… Theodore Lum has lived out his life in full and passed on to the spirit world. Lawrence is now the head of the Lum family.


Colet ages up to a quite bald toddler, and because River wanted another child, they had a daughter named Trinity.


For disliking kids, Lawrence does treat his own right.

He also brought back enough pieces of a sarcophagus to build one for his home. It’s a bit odd to see in the master bedroom… and it’s even more odd that Sims randomly go and sleep in it sometimes.


Thankfully, sleeping in this “Blessed” sarcophagus doesn’t turn you into a mummy. It is pretty cool furnishing, though.

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