7D2D: Slaying Zombies & FFXIV: Making Friends

The newest alpha of 7D2D is up on Steam, and our Posse has been back to building bases, exploring the world and beating down zombies. This game continues to do nothing but get better and better. This time around, it not only looks fantastic with its new further draw distance, but it plays very balanced.

We found a fixer-upper house in an absolutely fantastic location, tucked in between mountains in a forest next to a lake. Honestly, I think this is one of the best houses we’ve found location-wise in all the games we’ve run.

By the time we got a few days in, and after the first blood moon horde, we had a pretty strong start on fortifying it against the hordes. And boy are there a lot of them in this version of alpha.

It keeps us on our toes since we’ve been used to not seeing hordes unless we had a blood moon or a screamer. So, a good change in pace. I’m looking forward to exploring this map some more and building up our base of awesome!

Making Friends in FFXIV

It’s been a quiet weekend in FFXIV. Folks are taking a break and waiting for the patch to drop. I don’t blame them. In the middle of this lull time, I finally met up with fellow blogger and game developer Psychochild in game.

Now, I knew that he was on our server. But me being shy, and not wanting to seem like a creeper, I never sought him out. In fact, I don’t think I’ve actually seen his character in game until this weekend when I happened to run into him in Idlyshire, and I threw him a passing /eureka emote before running away. 😀

Anyhow, little did I know that he’s been helping out some folks in our free company with runs, and that Zeb had even grouped with him in the past! It’s a small world on Midgardsormr, I suppose. I kinda like that.

We all struck up conversation, and he was invited for a Weeping City run that didn’t happen. But we did get a chance to meet up on Discord, and (I hope) we all had a pleasant time.

While waiting for the queue that never popped, he showed me one of his glamours + catbat minion. If you see this, Psycho, I hope you don’t mind I posted it. 🙂

Other than that, I finally got off my butt and ran a CT trio with my FC that pushed my long-ignored Monk to level 55. I’d been at level 54 for what felt like forever. And then, when I did a Weeping run, I ended up getting a Monk drop. Heh.

Next month, I need to dedicate myself to leveling these jobs a bit more. I have two (three if you count the Scholar/Summoner duo) that are sitting at 55 right now. The rest of my jobs are just hanging out in the thirties. And I need leveling roulette for Lore tomes for gear and umbrite. Bleh… so much work to do! Too little time!