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FFXIV: Patch 3.4 Highlights


To be completely honest, I’m only mild in my excitement level for patch 3.4. Sure, there’s new raids and yadda yadda coming out. But new tomes means that everything I just did to catch up with gear is getting kicked to the curb, and I have to go through it all over again to gear up. Meh.

However, there are some nice changes in this patch. And those are the things I want to focus on. Of course, I’m looking forward to the story and all. But here’s some reactions to other things as well!

The Yay!


I’m putting this at the top because this long, long, long needed feature has won the whole patch for me. I DARE gil spammers to whisper me now! I will be HAPPY for gil spammers to whisper me now! I am reporting each and every one of them, cleaning out my ignore list and moving whispers back into my main chat tab, FINALLY. After all these years…


We finally get a new GC rank!


I’m also curious about the Squads and where development will take them.


I’m happy about this! Especially for people who couldn’t get a house up until this point. Wish they were a little bigger, though.


I want the big one for my house, but I probably won’t be able to afford one for a while.


Glad to see this feature continue to develop!






YES! YES! Thank you!


I always enjoy watching the cities change.


This is expected, but good. This with the hopeful increase of overall ilvl and character power may get me to play this raid more often. I still have so many classes I haven’t geared up yet.


There’s actually a lot of tweaks to the deep dungeon, but I don’t know how it’s going to feel until I play it. They all seem like nerfs, in a good way. So I’m going to say Yay! for this for now.


This is one of the best changes to this patch! So much inventory space saved! 🙂


This is a much-needed change. Wish it’d been there when I was buying all those unidentifiable items.  A little late.


There’s a bunch of stuff going on with the crafting and gathering tools. I haven’t wrapped my head around these yet, and they’re not in game until Thursday. But it looks like good news for me since I need to update all that stuff.


Thank you! I’ve held on to these items for a long time. I actually need to check out the Calamity Salvager and see what I can clear out of my inventory…


Thank you! These were ridiculously time consuming to gather. I might actually start gardening now.


THIS! This was soooo needed! The materia system is so confusing and people didn’t understand that they couldn’t always just meld their main stat into gear.


Positive changes to retainer ventures are always alright by me.


I do enjoy taking screenshots, so I might have to take some time to figure out all these new camera settings. What they’re doing with filters and things is really amazing!


Yet another reason to start playing around with gardening.


I like this! I might actually try using this!


These are both good changes. The Main Commands section was getting a little long in the tooth. And, it was only recently that I understood why some cross-class skills were available and some weren’t. It was tough to explain to new players, too.


I like this. I don’t really have a use for server time, but I do toggle between Eorzea time and local time when gathering timed nodes.


Excellent change!


This doesn’t really effect me since I tend to never unsub from FFXIV, but for those who like to drop sub between patches, this is a good change.

The Hmm…


I find this interesting only because I’ve been curious about finishing up some of the Zodiac weapons I have that are just sitting around my inventory. I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to do it, though.


Curious what these can be and if they can make me money. XD


I still haven’t played Lord of Verminion yet. I guess this is a good incentive to start.


This is alright… though I rarely play because there’s so little chance of winning.


Not sure how this is going to work until I see it in action.


This is appreciated, but I’d expected a bit more of a nerf to it. There are so few people who’ve actually beat the 3.3 storyline… it’s rather scary. I guess we’re jacking up the ilvl so high that this won’t matter in the end.


Though I don’t play the Diadem, I agree with dividing gatherers from folks who want to go in and hunt monsters. It just makes sense.


I can understand the want for this…. but it’s going to be extremely mis-used, I bet.


I… don’t understand the burning need for this change. Yeah, it makes sense that earrings are above necklace, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. But still an odd thing to do after it being this way for so long. 😀

The Meh.


Um… what? I mean, I guess someone will like it. But it’s just not my style.


I guess for some people who like to do more hardcore end-game content than I do, this is exciting. For me, it’s just not. The RNG of the game turns me off as well. I’ll take a peek at it when it releases, but chances are, if it’s all raids and EX runs, it’ll have nothing for me.



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One thought on “FFXIV: Patch 3.4 Highlights

  1. I logged in this morning due to waking up before my alarm (as usual). I managed to get through the 2 new dungeons and unlock Expert Roulette again, but that’s it so far. And I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a week-long trip, so I doubt I’ll play tonight. I’ll have my laptop with me on my trip but don’t plan to spend a whole lot of time playing while on the trip either. Maybe a dungeon at night before bed or something, if even that. We shall see how long it takes me to dig through all the new quests…..


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