Stardew Valley: Popping the Question

20160521201813_1 Stardew Valley v1.1 just released yesterday with a lot of great new features and improvements. I picked up the game again, and realized that I’d never finished documenting my original playthrough yet.

Back in July, I got to year 3, got married and just sorta puttered out since there wasn’t a lot to do once you got to that point. This update changes a lot for end game, so I do plan on continuing this saved game into the new content. Now,

I last left off in Fall of the first year… My friendship level with Harvey is now high enough that I can enter his room. So, one day, I peek in to see what I could see. I found him radioing out, apparently to a plane.


He was surprised to see me when he realized I was in the room (I would be too), but he quickly explained what was happening.


Excited about making contact, he beckoned me to look out the window with him.


Sure enough, there was a plane flying overhead. This is true romance, folks. 🙂


Harvey went on to tell me how his childhood dream was to become a pilot. But due to circumstances in life, it was just not to be.


It was kinda sad. I certainly know there were a lot of things I dreamed of as a kid that never came true. But he was very down to earth in his acceptance of the situation. I admired that.


You can’t always achieve all your hopes and dreams, but you can reach for the best you can do with what you have.  You can still stay close to the things you love even if things can’t always be exactly what you want to be.

Building a Barn

In the meantime, my farm has continued to expand. I finished building my first bar, which I placed next to the chicken coop.


The next order of business was to get some livestock to put in that barn. At this point, only cows are available. So I randomly generated a name for my first cow and got…


Yes, excellent! Welcome home little Shunaboo!


Stardew Valley Fair

So the big fall festival, the Stardew Valley Fair, finally arrived. During the fair, you bring your farm’s best produce to show in competition with other folks in town. There’s also games and prizes and things like that. Still being an upstart, I didn’t have a ton of cool stuff to bring to show, but I still did well enough for myself.


I stopped by the fortune teller and got an interesting glimpse of the future from her…


Well, now. This could only mean one thing, right? It’s time to…

Pop the Question

In Stardew Valley, you buy a bouquet from the general store and bring it as a token of love. Not exactly a ring or anything, but it seems less a proposal and more of a sign of romantic interest.

I know you can give multiple bouquets to people, but I choose not to do that in my playthrough. So I pick up the bouquet and head next door to the clinic where Harvey is at work, like always.


He receives it with excitement and trepidation, as expected. But he also confides his hopes to take the relationship a step further. Excellent!


Don’t worry, Harvey. You don’t have any competition. I’ve spent most of my first year working up relationship points with him and no one else.

Well, other than Shane. But at that point, Shane wasn’t a romantic possibility. Maybe now that he is, thanks to version 1.1, on another save game, though…



  1. I just looked at the v1.1 trailer, and now I am wondering whether I want to start a new game! There seems like such a lot more to do now, with the different farms and such. But I still want to get my second child with Maru, so I dunno maybe I should “finish” that playthrough first.

    1. I started a new game on one of the type farms, and it was fun. But I had an itch to go back to my original farm and see what all the new end game stuff was. Having fun with that, too!

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