Pokemon X: I’m Going to the Pokemon League!

Though I’ve played Pokemon on and off since Pokemon Blue was released, and I’ve owned three Pokemon games since then (Blue, SoulSilver, X), I have never been to the Pokemon League before. Heck, in the other two games, I didn’t get past gathering the first 2 badges.

The other day, while my Internet was out, I made use of my time by winning the final badge in Pokemon X. This unlocked the path to the Pokemon League where I’ve felt the battles ramp up in difficutly, just a bit. My team is still quite strong, though I could level a few of the members a bit more.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time with Pokemon X. There’s something about it that’s manage to hold my attention once I came back to it again. It’s got just enough JRPG vibe mixed with collecting and neat features to keep me playing. While the story is nothing groundbreaking, the game has plenty of charm to make up for it.

I really enjoy the breeding and Wonder Trade capabilities. Now that I have a Ditto, I can breed and send off slightly more valuable Pokemon in the trades. I’ve had to find a national pokedex spreadsheet to keep track of my trades so I know which Pokemon I already have. I find this method of collecting Pokemon fun, too.

I already have Pokemon Sun on pre-order, and I’ve been watching the announcements for it as they’re released. I’m even considering a Pokemon Bank account in the future, since I have all these limited edition Legendaries sitting in the PC on Pokemon X… it would be a shame to just leave them there forever. We’ll see!