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FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake 2016


To be honest, despite the expansion announcement and the FFXIV Fan Fest, things are kinda quiet and ramping down for me in game. Lately, I’ve just been logging in to take care of my Expert Roulette and slowly chip away at my Anima weapon progress. I’m leveling my Scholar on the side, and trying to gear up my healer when I can.

So, there’s really not a lot of exciting things to write about at the moment. I’ve actually come home with more inspiration for my own stories and artwork than gaming. And this is a good thing!

However, last night did start this year’s FFXIV Halloween event – All Saints’ Wake.

The rewards are alright – a vest cosmetic and some orchestrion music. But it’s hard to top last year where we got a full outfit and a flying mount.

The big change in the recipe is that the event activities require a Light Party of four people to complete. I thought that using Haukke Manor as a backdrop for the event was clever, and liked the overall idea behind it.

However, some of the mechanics, which require you to sneak past enemies to complete goals, can be a little frustrating and are not troll-proof at all. All it would take is one person out to ruin other people’s fun to bring this event down.


Also, I wonder what will happen if you don’t jump on the event and finish it in the first few days. Will people be playing it after this weekend? If you’re late to the party, will you be able to complete it at all without begging help from FC members?

I have a few alts I want to take through the event, so I hope that there will be enough players to keep it rolling for a few days. But I do have my concerns.

Anyhow, I won’t spoil it by saying anything else. We’ll have to wait and see if requiring a Light Party for a holiday event goes over well.

Have you played it yet? What did you think? 



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3 thoughts on “FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake 2016

  1. I enjoyed the Haunted Manor quite a bit, except when I kept getting pumpkin’d and had no idea what I as doing. (Luckily, my PUG was understanding of my noobishness.)

    I’ll probably run it at least once more to pick up the second orchestrion roll, but I agree that it may not pull people back in through the remainder of the event. And the quest loot was a little underwhelming, too.

    That said, I thought that Haunted Manor was kind of a fun spin on All Saints’ Wake. I don’t know that Squeenix hit all the right notes, but it was enjoyable and it’s good to see them experimenting a little.


  2. I ran it this morning. Th vest pairs VERY nicely with the… um…. it was a veteran reward ….. cloud Strife set? …. anyway, those pants and boots look quite good with the vest. I also tried using the Demon Skirt and Demon Sandals that I’ve got and those looked nice too, but I preferred the pants and boots. I got screenies of both outfits. I’ll post them on my blog tonight.

    I ran the manor a 2nd time to get enough cookies for the minion. 2nd time had slightly different events than the 1st. Was quite easy both times and I insta-popped the 1st time and waited maybe 15 seconds the 2nd. At 6 am mountain time on a Thursday. I expect that during the day on the weekend it will be every bit as quick. Plus as a duty it’s pulling from the whole data center, not just your server, so that’s a nice big “hidden pool” of people too, so I think it won’t be a big deal to do it to get the orchestrion rolls and minion.


    1. I’m not so worried about running it this weekend, but in the upcoming week or so, I figure it’ll be a little harder to find a group. I already saw a lot less folks around the area last night than the night before.

      I ran it a few more times with a FC party, and it was much more fun that way, in a group with open communication.


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