FFXIV: Glamour, Gear and Mounts!

ffxiv_10222016_204646Vix is making fun of my new hair style…

Glamour, gear and mounts. Well. That title pretty much sums up the most important end game aspects of FFXIV, doesn’t it?

I actually didn’t play a whole lot of FFXIV this weekend, to be honest. Saturday I spent most my time with Civ VI. Sunday I didn’t log in at all, and it was fine.

The time I did spend in game, however, was productive.

The Posse got together and finished up the in-progress run we had of the Palace of the Dead. This gave Xaa and I our 10th potshard that we needed to get the Avere mount!

ffxiv_10222016_204518The mount may be a little creepy, but it’s mine!

Vix also got the new long hair drop, Modern Aesthetics – Samsonian Locks,  from the PotD, which she gave to me! I was surprised she wasn’t interested in keeping it, but she knew I’ve wanted to try it on just to see what it looked like.

So Zuri got a new hairstyle this weekend. I really like the way it looks, but the issues it has with clipping through just about any armor that has a backpiece is a little sad.

I’ve also been working on capping my Scripture Tomes this week after having missed most of last week. This allowed me to replace my lowest ilvl piece on Zuri’s Dragoon – the gloves. Jumping from ilvl 200 to 260 is a nice leap. No pun intended.

ffxiv_10222016_010125New gear and hair!

Even though Zuri’s Dragoon has a bunch of lower ilvl greens from dungeons and such, her ilvl is now just one off of what her Bard was (i234) when I started to make this transition.

ffxiv_10222016_005624I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m replacing this old stuff piece by piece.

I’ve also been practicing playing Dragoon again, since I’ve gotten pretty rusty with the job due to playing Bard entirely too much. It’s certainly a much more intense job to play than Bard is (for me), but I’m remembering why I enjoyed it.

There’s something very satisfying about holding the melee rotation down when everything is going well. I’ve even received some commendations on Expert Roulette runs lately, too!

We’re looking at the new incoming patch next week, which I hope will give me some relief with this whole Umbrite Anima weapon step. This is going so much slower than even the unidentifiable items step for me mostly because I’ve been using leveling roulette to actually level and because I don’t go out of my way to run stuff just for Lore Tomes. And I could really be using those Tomes for Healer gear upgrades.

I’m almost tempted just to work up a weapon through the upcoming floors of the PotD and call it a day. We’ll see what happens.


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