Weekend Gaming: FFXIV, 7D2D, Animal Crossing

This weekend was a variety of gaming including everything from Animal Crossing to Skyrim. But I only have progression in a few games to talk about. So here goes my weekend!


As seen above, we got 3-4 different folks in the Free Company through the final boss battle of Heavensward. Yay for everyone! Thordan remains a really easy and fun fight with mostly flash and no fear. But, even so, it’s always brilliant to experience. And even better when you’re helping people reach the end of the expansion story. 🙂

Things have been fantastic in our Free Company lately. We’ve been somewhat actively recruiting again, and have welcomed in a number of more mature players and older folks, which is exactly what we’ve been looking for. The new website and the more restricted application process (which I was afraid would be a turn-off) actually seem to be an encouragement to the right kind of personalities and the type of players we hope to attract.

We’re still hovering around 90 players on the roster (and that’s with me purging our roster of inactives pretty regularly), and last night was the most active concurrent members online I’ve seen in a while.

In other news, I’ve finally reached level 60 on my Scholar (and Summoner)! It feels like I’ve been leveling this job forever! I’m so glad to finally consolidate my healing gear with my White Mage, and be able to equip the glowy book from PotD.

It’s a strange feeling not to have job leveling looming over me after it’s been in my life this long. I guess I have a level 55 Monk I could work on, and Zuri has plenty of jobs still hovering in the 30s. But I think it’s time for me to start using my leveling roulette for the Lore I need to push ahead on my Relic.

Speaking of Relic, I’ve spent some time fishing for Blue Scrips in order to earn the crystal sands I need to go with the Umbrites I’ve been stashing away. I still feel so far from getting this weapon complete, but I’m putting more focus into it now.

The way I think my weapon progression is going: Relic for Dragoon, PotD Kinna weapons for Bard and Scholar. From there? Who knows. Still plenty to work on, though.

7D2D Fun

Syn and I decided to roll a new duo game of 7D2D Alpha 15 back before Halloween. This is the first time we’ve tried to play with less than 4 players, and we’ve actually been doing pretty great!

As always, we’ve found a run-down house that we’ve been building into a base and fortifying it against the hordes of the blood moon. Here, Syn is fixing up the front of the base after the Night 14 horde… so, so many zombies dead on the spikes.

A number of things have changed in Alpha 15, so we’re still learning our way around them. Hordes, for example, now last all night long instead of puttering out after one large wave. I liked this change… though you better have a strong base and a lot of arrows on hand!

Also, I’ve been finding a number of new points of interest with this patch, such as this funeral parlor below. It felt really creepy breaking into this place to loot it…

Animal Crossing

Thanks to the newest patch for Animal Crossing, I’ve been playing the game a little each day again. I’m mostly trying to pay off my debt to Nook because he mentioned a new storage expansion for housing which I’m really interested in. I need so much more space!

Aside from that, I had this cute little interaction with Kid Cat that I couldn’t help but share. I was walking by when I saw him sitting on the bench. Talking to him went like this:

Too cute! Kid Cat looks so happy! 🙂