Sims 4: Really Enjoying City Living

I didn’t expect to become so attached to my little random Sim family when I started playing Sims 4: City Living. But I’ve put in a lot of game time with them, and have been honestly taking it pretty slow. They got married at the Romance Festival and have been living the good life in Akira’s slightly upgraded apartment.

Because I really want to explore all the skills (like singing) and scenarios and things I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to in the past, I’ve been playing Amanda and Akira without aging on. This has given me time to learn the ins-and-outs of their professions, especially the new Social Media job that Amanda is working.

The working at home bit is pretty neat. But actually progressing in the field is a bit more complex. Getting a promotion is based not just on your skills but how many followers you can earn. I learned that I really needed to max out Amanda’s Gaming and Charisma skills before she could earn anywhere near as many followers as were required. But once I did that, it unlocked some nifty new social media interactions (Share Viral Video) that really pushed my follower count up.

Now, if only it was that easy to do in real life.

Everything was going well in the Hippie Gamers club, too. Once all singing skills were leveled, I installed a hot tub and made socializing in a hot tub one of the club activities. That seemed to go over well.

The couple was happy with life as it was, working on career tracks and completing aspirations. They didn’t ask for a family or kids, but I decided I was curious what their kid would be like. So, once Akira finished his Computer Whiz aspiration, I gave them both the Successful Lineage aspiration and set about expanding their family with baby Alexa.

Akira actually makes a really good father!

Because Arun, who remains a close family friend, has a young son, I did everything I could to ensure their child would be a daughter. Amanda may not have been able to pursue her first love, but perhaps the families could come together with their children.

With Amanda working from home, taking care of the new addition was too bad.

But I was still eager to get the baby stage over with so I could see who Alexa would become.

And she turned out… adorable!

You know how sometimes Sims kids turn out disappointing? Like, where did the genes go wrong? Alexa seems like a perfect blend of her parents.

In fact, one of the first things she did was go to the karaoke machine to learn to sing!

Not only that, but when her parents call club get togethers with the Hippie Gamers, she gets along just fine with the rest of the crowd.

She’s already met Arun’s son and is forming a friendship with the kid. Things are looking bright for the two families!

Sims Amanda Westfall and Akira Kibo sing a ballad together, both with singing skills of 10.

Oh and for a little extra, here they are singing a pop song duet! It doesn’t sound that much like pop to me, but that’s what the game calls it.