FFXIV: Dragoon Scripture Tome Gear

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I haven’t been writing a lot about FFXIV lately because I’ve pretty much been doing the same thing when I log in every day: running Experts for Tomes to gear my Dragoon. Last night, I got the final visual piece of the set (sans head), so there it is!

I only have the head and belt left to complete the Scripture gear, and will be so, so relieved once it’s done. I’m not a huge fan of the way the set looks, so I might find the motivation to glamour it.

I’m still plinking away at upgrading my Relic weapon at what feels like a glacial pace. Part of that is because I don’t go out of my way to run dungeons when I don’t have to, so securing Lore is a slow prospect for me. Part of it is that I’m earning my Sands through fishing, which is an RNG fest sometimes, and it’s difficult to find the time to actually sit down and fish most days. So, I’m sitting on about 5 Umbrite with no Sands.

Last night, I did manage to fish up 2 Sands worth and make a tiny sliver of progress… but seeing I really wish I could be using the Lore to gear up other jobs, it’s so painful to watch it sucked into this one weapon instead. I could have my healer and summoner geared by now if it wasn’t for Relic. :/

So, that’s more or less where I am in FFXIV. Slowly making progress and more or less in a holding pattern.


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      • It wasn’t “bad” per se — we finished without any wipes, but…… tank couldn’t keep aggro off me, the other summoner said she hadn’t played in a few months and so was using Garuda on sic (and dying a few times). Healer’d lose the tank from time to time, but manage to keep me alive until the trash went down. Healer died toward the end of the final boss fight and I didn’t notice until we finished it off (tank died as I was finishing it off with the LB2 also), I was the one rezzing the other summoner when she went down……

        I mean, yeah, we finished, but it felt like I was carrying the group. Which is weird, becuz how does 1 dps carry the group? I got all 3 commendations once we were done, at least.

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