AS Nuzlocke Pt 2: Victory and Loss

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In my first Nuzlocke post, I was gathering my starting team together and heading out into Route 104 to do some training. Everything went well here. I just worked on getting most of my team at around level 6, and took on some of the trainers in the area to see how my strength matched theirs.

Petalburg Woods Catch: Shroomish

After I felt my team was in a good enough spot, I headed to the next zone, the Petalburg Woods. I’ve been attempting to capture the Pokemon that you sneak up on in the grass, since sometimes they give you a hint as to what they are, and they seem a little stronger than the surrounding Pokemon.

This time, I succeeded, and came out of my first battle with a Shroomish, whom I named Wezen.


Team Sketch


At first I was a little meh about the Shroomish, but he’s kinda growing on me now. No pun intended.

While training in the woods, something else also happened!


My first evolution! Granted, it was only at level 7. But hey, Rischa survived long enough to evolve. That’s a good thing, right?

I continued on through the woods, fighting trainers and eventually moving forward in the story a bit. There, I finally received the Experience Share item, which is going to be loads of help.

Along the way, we faced a trainer who had nothing but three Magikarp.


See why I say he’s growing on me?

Rustboro City Gym

So, I tackled my first gym in Rustboro City. Here, I had to battle with Roxanne who uses rock type Pokemon. I decided that Pi, who remains the highest level of my group still, and his water type attacks will be my main go-to. Gienah, who also has water type attack would be my back-up.

Only, that didn’t turn out so well. Pi took down Roxanne’s Geodude for the first round. But I was getting nervous that the Rock Tomb move had knocked him down to half health. So, silly me, I brought out Gienah to face the second battle, not knowing that her Nosepass was level 14.

Needless to say, Gineah took a chunk out of the Nosepass’ health, but fainted in one hit to Rock Tomb. I felt pretty crummy about it because this was an avoidable death… although, as I said before, I went into this battle blind, so I knew nothing about the Pokemon that Roxanne was going to use aside from they were rock types.

Defeated in Rustboro Gym by Roxanne’s Nosepass.


It was actually Wezen who filled the spot and finished out the battle for the win as I was still way too skittsh to bring in Pi, even if I probably could have healed him up just fine.

However, on a happier note, this happened after that battle.


Kinda funky looking there, Rischa. But I’ll take it, especially after I just lost my other flying type.

So I won the battle and my first badge…


But now my team has its first loss.


I guess it’s time to find another team member.

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    1. I’m going to keep going blind. The only thing I’ll look up about Gyms are the Pokemon types I’m about to battle. Usually the game tells you ahead of time, but in the case I’m uncertain, I think it’s fair to look that up first.

      I’m staying away from guides and walkthroughs on purpose. It’s more interesting that way!

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