It’s Winter in Animal Crossing

I read someone who wrote about how they’d logged into their Animal Crossing town yesterday and winter had come. So, of course, I had to go in and check on my little town, too.

Sure enough, everything was covered in snow.

That got me thinking about games that follow real-world seasons.

Seasons in Games

The original Animal Crossing was the first game I remember playing that changed to match the seasons and holidays in the real-life world. I thought it was brilliant!

At the time, I was working at our local game store, Electronics Boutique (now Game Stop). Sometimes our manager would get sample games to try out or use in the display system. He got a copy of Animal Crossing, and figured that my sister and I would enjoy it more than he would, so he gave us that copy.

This had to be on winter break for my university, because I played it soooo much around the holidays. I remember the snowy world in particular. And even now days, when I play an Animal Crossing during winter, it takes me back to my first explorations in the series.

I admit that I have a soft spot for games that change through seasons. I don’t just mean holiday celebrations in MMOs, either (though I appreciate those, too). I’m talking about games that have fairly large make-overs that reflect seasonal change. That’s why crazy little farming apps tend to make their way onto my phone. They help me feel festive and have become part of my own celebration.

Do you have a game that you’ve connected with a specific time of your life – be it a season or just a time in general?

Do games help get you into the festive mood?