Pokemon Sun: Pokerus & Christmas Vulpix

A number of Pokemon players are getting ready for Christmas by breeding holiday-themed, starters or awesome Pokemon in advanced. Much like my Halloween efforts, we plan on sending them in bulk through Wonder Trade on Christmas hoping that the kids (and other folks) who get the game as a present will get something cool to help them start out.

I chose to breed a large number of Alola Vulpix in suitably holiday-themed Premier Balls because they are cute, ice-typed and exclusive to Pokemon Sun. I’m happily naming them things like “Jingles” and “Noel” and storing them away for this weekend.

Unexpected Pokerus!

So, while I still haven’t finished the game, I’ve still been leveling up random Pokemon using the playground in Poke Pelago. Once they’ve leveled enough to evolve, I pull them out and level them one more time in battle to make it happen and fill another slot on my Pokedex.

I was just doing the normal leveling thing yesterday, and needed to stop by the Pokecenter to refill my main battler’s PP. That’s when I got this message.

Wait, what?

I quickly scanned my team and discovered that a random Barboach I got through GTS or Wonder Trade sometime last month was unexpectly infected with Pokerus! I had no idea. It’s just been sitting in the PC box and then leveling in Pelago this whole time!

The first time I ran across this virus, I had no idea what it was. Now that I do, I decided to figure out how to spread it to my team.

It seems that the infected Pokemon needs to be in the first slot, and that it will pass it to the Pokemon in the second slot. But I also learned if you take that second infected Pokemon, switch it out to like spot 5 on the team, next time it spreads, both of the infected Pokemon will pass it to all Pokemon in slots next to them.

Anyhow, once I figured that out, I was on a mission to not only hatch a bunch of Vulpix, but also infect them all with Pokerus.

Hopefully I’ll have time to breed another box before the weekend!