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FFXIV: Tantalus Attire Get, Zidane Roll

Posted on August 31

So today I got the Rank 13 (1080 Days – Wow!) Vet reward in FFXIV, the Tantalus Attire. Being a big ole FFIX fan, I had no choice but to roll a character that looked as close as Zidane as possible — which means a catboy (for the tail).

August Goals in Review

Posted on August 30

Another month has come and gone and Blaugust is almost over with! How did I do on my goals for this month?

FFXIV: Amazing 3rd Anniversary Weekend

Posted on August 29

This weekend, FFXIV celebrated its 3rd year anniversary with a 14 hour live letter (don’t know how they manage that) and the newest anniversary event, The Rising. I also got so many things accomplished that I can’t possibly list them all without boring you. But let me try to make it entertaining!

FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The Magical Teleporting Tank

Posted on August 26

This is the story of a Dark Knight we met in Sohr Khai with an unfortunate, bad Internet connection. Somehow, this magically taught him how to teleport.

Help! Which EQ2 Alt to Raise to 95?

Posted on August 25

Thanks to Bhagpuss and Telwyn I learned that EQ2 was giving away a free level 95 Heroic upgrade to any character who has not already recieved said upgrade before. I have 3 level 90 heroics, including my “main,” so this is fine with me as the more alts I can level the better. And I have a lot of alts…

FFXIV: Hyperconductive Bard Anima Get!

Posted on August 24

After yesterday’s Patch 3.38 Anima Relic weapon nerf, I was able to log in and quite easily finish what I needed to get the 210 Relic step done. A huge thanks to Vix who kindly helped out with picking up some of the items with Grand Company seals for me! Considering I’d expected to finish this in maybe a couple more months, this is pretty amazing.

FFXIV: Massive Anima Relic NERF!

Posted on August 23

No, I don’t mean the Anima Relic itself was nerfed, but with patch 3.38, the long, tedious process of earning the ilvl 210 Relic has just become much, much more do-able.

FFXIV: A Weekend of Progress

Posted on August 22

This weekend, I hit a lot of the little goals I had in mind for this week, mostly dealing with leveling and gearing up. This was the first week that I’ve capped Lore Tomes since Lore has existed, and it was enough to finally get the 240 pants for Zuri’s Bard.

FFXIV: Level 60 With Friends

Posted on August 19

I’ve been doing as I said I would do in my previous post, and having a better time in FFXIV the past few days. I’ve been running Expert Roulette and Beast Tribe quests to earn my Lore Tomes for the week with the goal of getting Lore pants in a few days. I’m currently sitting at 706 of the 825 I’ll need, so it won’t be long.

No Man’s Sky: My Journey Begins

Posted on August 18

Now that I got my initial impressions of No Man’s Sky out of my system, I’m ready to talk about my journey through space. Sadly, all screenshots will likely have icons on them as there’s no easy key-press way to remove those from screenshots (without modding).

FFXIV: Revisiting the Weeping City Raid – Unpleasant But Not Impossible

Posted on August 17

I’m officially done with the Weeping City of Mhach. Not “done” as in having earned everything I need from the raid (far, far from it). Done as in “this just isn’t fun and I don’t want to run it anymore.”

Starbound: Exploring Space in a Sandbox

Posted on August 16

So maybe you’re not sure if No Man’s Sky is right for you, but you still have the itch to explore space in a sandbox environment. Funny enough, while I was playing No Man’s Sky, I kept thinking about Starbound, another space exploration sandbox game… which is a fraction of the cost with a lot more features. I’d liken this game more to Terraria or space Minecraft in style and play.

No Man’s Sky: My First Impressions

Posted on August 15

So my weekend has mostly revolved around No Man’s Sky. I debated whether or not to get this last week, then decided to take the plunge because I need some sandbox in my life. I knew what this game was and wasn’t. I’ve put a number of hours into the game and have enjoyed my experience so far.

FFXIV: My House at Night

Posted on August 14

My retainer brought me back a Barb of the Whorl, so I crafted a Tidal Wavesoul Fount for my yard. So much glowy at night!

When Indie Games Re-Release

Posted on August 12

I’ve noticed a trend starting with games — many of these are indies, but some of them are not. A developer creates their initial game, sometimes with a Kickstarter to support the develpoment. They actually release this game out of early access, most usually to Steam.

First Look: The Universim

Posted on August 11

While everyone else is being hyped for No Man’s Sky (which I’m undecided on buying this weekend or not), I just got access to the first Alpha build of a game I backed in a Kickstarter in 2014, The Universim.

Black Desert Online and the P2W Protest

Posted on August 10

The fact that BDO is now offering things called Value Packs, which serves the same function as a 30 day subscription in a lot of ways, passed me by last month. But the recent P2W protests did not.

Pokemon GO One Month Later

Posted on August 9

I began my Pokemon GO journey back on July 6, the night of release in the US. So it’s officially been over a month since I began playing. I wanted to check back in on the game that’s become a phenomenon, and talk a bit about the progress I’ve made.

FFXIV: Turning Lalafell and Finding Fun

Posted on August 8

After reading through a lot of advice from my post about how to relax at end-game in an MMO like FFXIV (thank you), I decided to have a “I do what I want” weekend. I didn’t finish any of my Beast Tribe quests on Zuri, or work on Relic, and didn’t beat myself up over it. Instead, I spent way too much time with Posing Rangers and running Deep Dungeons until way too late in the night.

FFXIV: Moonfire Faire Go Go Posing Rangers!

Posted on August 6

Last night, I dove right into FFXIV’s newest event — the Moonfire Faire for 2016. I have never been a huge fan of Power Rangers, though I don’t dislike them either, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy these quests. Turn out they’re just campy fun, and I liked them quite a bit!

MMO Soul Searching: How Do You Learn to Relax at End Game?

Posted on August 5

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about my MMO of choice: FFXIV. I’ve come to a number of conclusions, which I wanted to write about… but then I realized I had so much to say that I should probably break it up over a number of posts.

FFXIV: Deep Dungeon Weapon Get!

Posted on August 4

Last night, Zeb, Xaa, Vix and myself finished the last two Floor 41-50 runs of the Palace of the Dead we needed to earn our glowy weapons! We’ve been pretty consistently working on this dungeon as a group bit by bit, and it finally paid off.

Blogging about Blaugust 2016

Posted on August 3

I didn’t really make an official “announcement” that I was taking part in Blaugust this year, aside from briefly mentioning it on my August Goals Post. So I’m making up for that right now.

FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The Irony is Real

Posted on August 2

I haven’t had a Tale from the Duty Finder in a while, mostly because running with full FC groups tends to calm things down a lot. But this weekend, Syn and I decided to run the Crystal Tower raid trio.

August Goals Blaugust 2016

Posted on August 1

This month, rather than just list gaming goals, I’m going for overall goals. Because this is the month of Blaugust!