The Sims 4 Vampires: Official Trailer 


I know that not everyone likes supernatural creatures in their Sims games, but I’ve always enjoyed them. So, that being said, I’m really excited about the announcement for this new Game Pack! Absolutely plan on picking this one up.

My only qualm about it is why it’s not a full “Supernatural” pack with various supernaturals, rather than just vampires alone. They better have a LOT of flexibility in the vampires, or they risk some grouchy players.


  1. It bothers me that this is a game pack and not a full expansion. I may pick it up in a sale some time, though, I don’t play the game enough to go all out. 😀

    1. They just released a City Living expansion in November, so it may be a bit too early to see another one. Also, making vampires a smaller game pack rather than an expansion is probably in consideration of people who don’t want supernaturals in their game at all. I remember a number of players who used to get miffed when supernatural Sims were included along with expansions. And to make a whole expansion about supernaturals… well they’ve done it in the past, but maybe it wasn’t a strong seller?

      The nice thing is that game packs usually get pretty good discounts fairly quickly if you hold off on buying them. The stuff packs, however, seem to almost never go on sale. I’ve caught stuff packs on sale maybe two or three times since Sims 4 released, and that was usually because it was a large Origin Store sale of some sort.

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