FFXIV: Beast Tribe Completion

One of my goals for this month was to finish up my reputation quests with the old Beast Tribes from ARR. Tonight, I finally completed that run for the Sahagin!


I’m not sure why I put it off for this long. Once you ¬†unlock the three different quest givers, which does take a little time, it’s only a matter of days to complete your max rep with the tribe if you’re doing all the quests available to you.

The final tribe I have to work on is the Almalj’aa. Once that’s done, I can hopefully do that combined Beast Tribe questline and scratch this goal off my list for good!


The other goal that I think I’ve accomplished is cleaning up all the old quests in ARR zones. I think, with the exception of one or two quests, I’ve got this done, too. I really need to take some time to travel across all the old zones just to see if I’m missing any quest markers, though!

Making progress feels good! With any luck, we’ll hopefully see some preliminary patch notes dropping tomorrow for 3.5. Check back in to see my reactions to them!


  1. you still have one more rank of Ixal to go… it goes to rank 7, unless you don’t to completely finish that off.

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