FFXIV 3.5 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

First Impression

Now, I know these are just the preliminary 3.5 patch notes, but I was sorely disappointed there was not a nerf to the Umbrite stage of the Relic weapon. That was the very first thing I looked for when I opened the patch notes, and it wasn’t there.


In reading the patch notes thread on Reddit, it seems that Yoshi-P has indicated that we’ll probably get that Relic nerf in 3.55. Still a bit of a bummer for me as I need to decide if I’m going to keep going or just settle for a PotD weapon.

Anyhow, enough about what the patch notes don’t have. Let’s look at what’s there.

Naturally, we expected more story, raids and dungeons, so I’ll be skipping those and going right to the features.


Combined beast tribe quests. More story! Yay!

This is VERY good. But which quests? Leves? Job quests? Ixal quests? Gonna hope leves.

Gotta love me some treasure hunting. Love IMPROVED treasure hunting even more!

Much needed! Woot!

Wow! I knew that new paintings were coming but I didn’t expect it to be a full system involving crafters… and reliant on the sightseeing log!

I guess I better work on completing my sightseeing log now!

A bunch more stuff for housing! Good times!

New fish and aquarium back drops! I still haven’t crafted my aquarium for my house yet. Should get that done.

All of these are good things. I need to get back to my card collecting…


Also cute!

Building out Idyllshire is always good.

I’m super happy that the first Egi glamours are in game! The only bummer is that the quest to unlock this starts at level 50. That means poor Summoners have to suffer 20 levels without customization. Hopefully, this quest is kinda a big deal and gives baby Summoners something to look forward to.

Everything about this is what I’ve always asked for! Thank you!

Dropping specialization is always good. Especially when one of those is the Tier 4 aquarium I want.

Okay, now they clarify an increase in leve crafting. Wonder why only up to level 55, though.

Will need to research this to see if it helps me any.

Some more cute. 🙂

This is a nice change, though it probably won’t effect me at all (I rarely use party finder). I know there are plenty of people excited for this, especially on smaller servers.

That’s a cool idea.

OH MAN. This. This is very interesting. No more just griefing or poor play because the other players are on another server and you’ll never see them again. Nope. Now you get a list of all the jerky people you ran with and ways to Blacklist them (though I don’t know if this keeps them out of your DF runs)… or if they’re on your server, you can bless them out in a /tell. XD

Thank you! This should have been like this since the feature released. Never force a player (especially a new one) into a situation they can’t decline!

Very nice! Returning players are often quite lost as to what to do. This should be a help, I hope.

*deep breath*



So much better than always opening the duty finder window to see the status. Thank you!

Neat idea! Some people will enjoy this.

I won’t use it myself, since I’m a very slow reader and like to take my time with the text. But I like that it’s here.

I love all the camera improvements, but this is my favorite. I like having /gpose as an icon!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

I used to have bars like this in EQ2! I’m looking forward to this!!!

Nice QoL!

Oh! Does this allow us to resize character floating names? I was trying out the high-HD textures and resolutions on my new video card for FFXIV, but couldn’t leave it on because there was no way to shrink down the character names for other players. This could be my fix!

Aw yeah!


Interesting. I didn’t have a problem with it before, but this does seem easier to use. I wonder if it’s hinting at additional Grand Company rank changes.

I read over these changes a few times, and still don’t know exactly what they mean. I suppose any changes to UI are probably good ones, though.

So I could technically just only run PotD to complete my journal on some weeks? I’m alright with that, actually.

Huh? I read this several times and still don’t really understand what this means. Could we get some examples?

Interesting. Now we get to annoy people who have been absent from the FC. Not sure if I’d ever use that.


I’m not even done with the previous two stages, and I heard the speculation that this is just going to be more dungeon grind. I’m not interested, though I know other people want stuff to keep them busy. Overall meh.

I get what they’re trying to do here, and understand they want to nudge people into playing on lower-pop servers by default, but I’m still not sure I like this.


This is a bummer. Sometimes Unsynced and partial party is the only way you can get a group for the older content!