FFXIV: White Chocobo!

Back when I first dyed this chocobo, I accidentally got a turquoise color rather than a blue. I kept it, though, because I like teal, and it matched my Leviathan barding. That was back when chocobo dying was new and before we had great color calculators, like this one, so I was really stumbling through the process.

However, with the new character change, and the upcoming chocobo changes with 3.5 next week, I decided it was time to change my chocobo, too. I always wanted a white or a black chocobo, so I went for the white one.

Thankfully, the chocobo calculator now includes a section on the suggested order you should feed color fruits. I followed the guide and successfully got a white chocobo on my first try!


Now I just have to think of a different name for him. I named him Blackjack back when I first earned the Gambler barding. But, nowdays, that doesn’t fit him so well.

Outside our FC house!


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