FFXIV: PotD Floor 100+, Relic Progress & FC Funtimes

Today is the day before FFXIV Patch 3.5, which means the game is down for maintenance. But this weekend has been anything but quiet in game. Patch time always ramps up FC participation.

We had a bunch of folks online in our Free Company this week, some who had not been around in a while. We’ve also recruited several new folks this week, and over the past few weeks, mostly returning or new players. We’ve been focused on helping these folks through content on their way up to Heavensward.

Palace of the Dead Floor 100+

Despite my love for PotD, I actually did not complete floor 100 until this weekend. Our Posse had left off at floor 71 months back, and while we’d saved our game progress there, Zeb and I never got beyond. The other half of our Posse has been back in game again, so after a bit of practice in the lower floors, we made the push to floor 100 on Friday.

We also unlocked the floors beyond 100, and made it all the way to floor 110. There is a marked increase in the number of spawns on the floors, which was the only thing I saw there that increased difficulty. The boss itself really wasn’t so bad.

I don’t know how much further we’ll get into the PotD. Mostly because I see it as something casual to do, and not a thing that’s supposed to be hardcore challenging like the 100+ floors are meant to be.

Also, I’m going to be cashing out for my red weapon on my Bard tomorrow because I still only have the ilvl 230 relic, and I want to use Bard to learn the new alliance raid. I haven’t geared my Bard at all since Weeping City, and she has just enough of an ilvl to squeak into the new raid. Since my Dragoon is set for gear overall, I need the Bard drops from the raid.

The red Dragoon and Warrior weapons inside PotD

Relic Progress

Speaking of Relic, since we’re not going to get an Umbrite nerf, I threw up my hands and decided to just cash in what I had. I’d forgotten that I could buy items with my Poetics to turn into Sands. So, since I was full-up on Poetics, I did just that, and upgraded my weapon to the halfway point.

I got a cutscene that informed me that my weapon wished to continue this painful process.

Of course you do. You’re not the one grinding Tomes.

The weapon swore this was in order to protect me. I think it’s just addicted to Sand.

Anyhow, I’m reluctantly not throwing in the towel yet. At least I can say that I finished half the weapon before the hoped-for nerf coming in 3.55.

Free Company Fun

As I noted above, we spent a good deal of time with the FC, mostly running folks through needed content. None of it was all that difficult – mostly things like Void Ark and Crystal Tower. But seeing that some members needed mechanics refreshers, it tends to be exhausting for me.

Being on voice chat for hours is tiring, and I tend to be the default raid leader and mechanics explainer. I’m not sure how that came to be seeing that I’m really not a raider and usually the most quiet person in voice chat.

But when it comes to explaining mechanics, it’s almost as if I can’t not do it. I hope I do it well enough, though! Sometimes things happen really fast in raids, especially ones that we’ve outleveled, and phases are skipped.

FC Jump Totem in Void Ark. Taken by Bean Baguette (hope she doesn’t mind that I post it).

We had a few troublesome-long queues for CT yesterday and one incident with a drunk tank and trolling alliance in World of Darkness. It was really Tales from the Duty Finder worthy, but I didn’t think to get any screens of it. That was the first time I’ve up and left an alliance raid like that… along with our whole party (we had a full FC party of 8, so we left them hurting for their bad behavior). But thankfully we had a tank on another team who left first, so we didn’t eat a penalty for it.

Anyhow… aside from that… things went just fine. All content got cleared, and everyone closed up the weekend with what they needed to do more or less.

Now to face the new content in 3.5 tomorrow. Here’s to hoping I enjoy Dun Scaith more than I did Weeping City. Cuz I need to run it a lot.

Also, still not regretting the race change.

I come back from AFK and…