FFXIV Datamining: Samurai Confirmed(?) and New Relic Weapons

FFXIV Patch 3.5 is finally upon us, and of course, people are already picking apart the data to see what they can find. Two exciting pieces of information that’s come from the datamining is the possible confirmation of Samurai and the new Relic weapon designs.

Samurai Confirmed?

It seems that digging around, some folks have found things like this:


Comment from discussion Patch 3.5 Datamining!.

If this doesn’t confirm it, there’s more.


Comment from discussion Patch 3.5 Datamining!.


Dragoon Relic

Now, for something that’s less speculation and more fact: the designs for the new Relic weapons. In the past, I haven’t always been impressed by the design of the weapons. Especially the last stage of Dragoon Anima Relic. What’s up with the creepy stalker face?


Well, introducing the new, improved, Glowing-Dragon-on-a-Stick Relic!

Note: Not my current weapon

Yeah, it’s still a tad funky, but SO much better than that Stalker-Face Relic.


The best thing is that I like it enough to want to endure the rest of the Relic grind. I was really losing steam because the old Stalker-Face Relic was absolutely no incentive to want to keep going.

But do you know what I like better than the Dragon-on-a-Stick Relic? The Sparkle-Paladin Relic!


This… this is my favorite Relic! It just looks amazing!

But sadly, my Paladin is only in the lower 30s and this would mean another Relic grind to get.


So, for now, I’m trying to unsee the Paladin Relic.

Unsee the Paladin Relic.



And all this before I even get to log in for the new patch. Man, it’s going to be a loooong day at work.

So what do you think? Samurai confirmed? Like any of the new Relics? Let me know!


  1. Just last night I was talking to my hubby about FFXIV and he literally said in a ‘talk to me when…’ kinda voice: “Have they added Samurais yet?” Sooo gonna go ahead and keep my fingers crossed, he might come play with me. :p

  2. I’m one of those pathetic people who interpreted the Spider-Man t-shirt as a heavy Samurai hint. It’s not confirmed until it’s confirmed, of course — but cool. Still, everything depends on whether it’s a tank or a melee dps.

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