FFXIV: Kinna Bard Weapon & Beast Tribes Complete

I was so grumpy about the new raid that I forgot to post the good things that happened while playing last night! These deserve their own posts, anyhow.

So, I finally exchanged my atherpool gear level for the first Kinna weapon from the Palace of the Dead. Because I’m working on Relic for Dragoon, and I want to use my Bard to raid, I chose the Bard weapon. I already had the one Aetherpool weapon for the Bard, so it was just a case of upgrading to the higher ilvl version. Not a fan of the red glow, but I won’t turn down a free ilvl 255 piece.

Last night, I also finally finished the last of my ARR beast tribe quests. Well, for the Amalj’aa anyhow.

That puts me at Trusted rank for the first four. I went searching for the Allied Beast Tribe quest, but discovered that I have to earn rank 7 with the Ixal first. One of the guides I read said rank 6, so I was sadly mistaken. I guess I’ll start working on that today!

On a related note, I’m also going to go around and pick up all my mounts and minions from the ARR beast tribes. I heard there’s a bug with the Heavensward allied beast tribe quest that prevents you from purchasing things with the ARR beast tribes once you’ve completed it. I’m sure that’ll get fixed, soon, but it reminded me that I haven’t picked up much in the way of goodies from the old tribes.

I’m happy that I’m finally getting this goal finished. It’s nice to have beast tribe reputation of old done.

I’m starting to side-eye some of the crafting achievements and the tools you get from them. Not only do they look really cool, but I heard they were equivalent with the Red Scrip items. That would be really nice… not to mention crafting every item for a job sounds like an achievement to reach for as a completionist.

We’ll see!