FFXIV: Dun Scaith Cleared!

Last night, a small group of FC folks got together to tackle Dun Scaith one more time this week — including Star Bearer, Bean Baguette, Zeb and myself. I might have taken a break from this run after the previous try, but Bean’s heading out for the rest of the month, and this was her one chance to get it done while it’s still new.

So, seeing I’d not cleared it, other folks were going, and we could all suffer together, I came along, too. I’m glad I did. I understand the raid a lot better going through it a second time.

I still stand on my previous soapbox about how Dun Scaith is not a raid that’s friendly to the average player, even after I’ve beat it. I do think it’s learn-able. I do think it’s clear-able. I think people will get better at it. All that being said, I think the people who will clear it reliably are going to be ones who have a really strong grasp on mechanics and how to play their class. This is no Crystal Tower.

The reason for this team’s success is due to having a fairly stable group of people who had all intentions to learn the raid and succeed in it. Also, our FC pal Star had already completed the raid, done research on what’s known about the mechanics, and patiently explained to all who listened what to watch for.

This was a huge improvement over the previous night where we didn’t even know there was a door to go through to fight an add on the final boss. This group did learn and improve. I wasn’t absolutely clueless this time.

We had a few wipes, especially on Scathach, and we just barely scraped by with three people alive for the last 3% of Diabolos. I honestly had given up and thought it was going to be a wipe at the end, but somehow they pulled through. Over half the people there got the achievement for finishing the raid for the first time, so most of us were totally new.

Oh yeah. And see that up there? Bard pants dropped and I won the roll! So I even got a pretty significant upgrade out of the struggle. I was worried because I was rolling against another Bard, and had only rolled a 37. Somehow I got them anyhow.

So, now I’m on my way to slowly gearing up my Bard. I then took the raid currency and upgraded my Dragoon’s Scripture ring to 270 so that I could purchase the other Scripture ring and finish my Dragoon set. I’ll be using the rest of my Scripture to start upgrading Bard accessories.

Now that I’m getting my final gear sets sorted out, I’ll also be melding them with materia. I’ve ignored that up until now because I didn’t want to waste it on gear that I knew I was just going to upgrade or toss out.

I tried to take a cool picture in front of the sunset, but it came out with eyes closed. Go figure.


With that cleared and out of the way, I can focus on clearing the other Expert dungeon, checking out the new gathering and crafting achievements to work towards tools, and ranking up with the Ixal. I’m really happy that the new crafting/gathering tools are achievement based, as it scratches that completionist itch for me.

Finally craft and gather everything on my log? Okay! Fish up mostly all the fish? Will try!

I’m holding off on finishing the new Heavensward Beast Tribe alliance quest because I heard there’s a major bug dealing with them that messes up your ranks with the ARR Beast Tribes. I did go back and buy all the mounts and minions from the ARR Beast Tribes last night, and plan on finishing up that quest before the Heavensward quest. Hopefully, by the time I get there, that bug will be worked out.

So, there’s plenty to do without touching a raid, and that’s just fine with me!