IRL: Kittens Happen

So I had this whole post I was writing about FFXIV storylines and characters in relation to 3.5 and Heavensward and then… kittens happened.

Yesterday, a post went up about a trio of kittens that were found behind my workplace. Apparently, they’d been seen in the parking lot by co-workers for several days. Also, they seemed friendly, so they’d been socialized, and apparently, abandoned.

The three kittens were rounded up and taken to HR. A company-wide email went out looking for homes for the kittens. If homes weren’t found, there was no choice but to surrender them to the local shelter this afternoon.

I struggled with it a bit last night, telling myself I already have a rescue cat and this would mean double the vet bills, food and litter boxes. You know. All those logical adult things that Syn also reminded me about while I was bouncing around saying, “Kitten! <3 ”

And while my kitty is super friendly, and I’ve considered getting a friend for him for a while, it seemed like a sudden choice to make. So I didn’t act on it yesterday.

Today, one of my pet-loving co-workers brought the kittens around the office in a carrier. She’d held on to them overnight in her garage, and was now actively working to show them off and find them homes.

It’s one thing to close an email and convince yourself you don’t need another kitty. It’s another thing to see those cute eyes and hear the purr and hold the cuddle-kitten and still say no. *sigh*

So, I agreed to take the male. Many reasons for that. I already have a male, for one. This kitten is also a black cat, and black kitties have a statistically harder time getting adopted. He’s also not a kitten-kitten… more of a teen-cat. So he’s just big and lanky enough not to be in that “Awww, cute!” kitten stage anymore. Which makes him harder to be adopted.

I like black cats. And this one has the tiniest dab of white on his chest. He’s also super calm when held and purrs so friendly. He seems to have a personality that will match my other social cat, so I think they’ll get along.

I picked him up some kitten chow, some cat litter liners, some flea meds (you know he’s gotta have fleas being out in the forest), and brought him home to stay in my guest room for now. As you can see from the picture, he went directly for the food, which he ate with good appetite.

I’m keeping him away from my other indoor cat until I can get the kitten to the vet on Monday. Just making sure there’s nothing that can pass between cats first. But they were already meowing at each other through the door — the kitten mostly because he’s already missing his sisters. But don’t worry, he’ll get a big brother soon enough, I hope!

When I can actually get a picture of the kitten’s face, I’ll post it!

He also needs a name! 


  1. I always feel cats need dignified names, like Alexander, or Copernicus 😛
    but growing up we had, Black socks, White socks, Nico, and Thor as cats.

    1. Hahah… my other cat is officially “Sebastian” but he doesn’t know his name. Instead, he gets called things like “Kita” “Kita-cat” “Bee” “Kita-Bee” “Bee-Cat” and I don’t even remember how these things evolved.

      I’ll have to see what the kitten’s personality is before I can pick a good name. I’ll get to spend some time with him this weekend, I hope.

  2. As someone who has four rescue cats, three of them black, I say good for you.

    May your new friend fit right in and bring you and your existing boy much happiness! 😻


    Yes, best to wait to see what his personality is really like before settling on a name for him. Hopefully he and big bro Seb get along just fine once there is not a door between them.

  4. Thanks for sharing. We have just lost our adored black cat Lenny and home isn’t the same without him. Black cats are so special. Big hugs to your kitty 🙂

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