FFXIV: Fists of Light

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I’ve been kicking around in PotD here and there, mostly in order to level my Paladin… who is now sitting halfway through lvl 47! Once I finally get to 50, I know things slow down, but I’ll also have a number of other leveling options to use.

During this, I’d earned myself another 30/30 in PotD, so it was time to cash out for another set of weapons. This time, it’s the Monk fists.

I like these Fists of Light so much that I don’t think I’m going to turn them red! I’ll hang on to them for the glamour. It’s not like I use my Monk for end game content, despite being level 60. I mostly leveled the job to have it, and to share accessories with my Dragoon. That’s the only reason the job has an ilvl about 240, ironically.

In other news, I’m pushing hard to level my Paladin, as noted above. This included stunts like the two-tank Leveling Roulette, pictured below. This came about when a FC member wanted to run Leveling, but we both needed to level our tanks. Seeing he was a Dark Knight, and we pulled Copperbell, everything went just fine.

The wall mostly tanks this guy, anyhow.

At this rate, in a few more days, I’ll hit level 50 on Paladin. Then, I’ll be able to utilize Beast Tribe quests, hunts, FATES for Relic Crystals, on top of Leveling Roulette and PotD. IF I work up the confidence, I might try tanking Crystal Tower for XP.

I still find it a pretty huge slog from 50 to 60, but at least there’s more variety in what I can do to level. I don’t know that I’m ever going to really get that Paladin Anima, though…

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